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I’ve been kayaking for a long time, and I know what to look for when buying gear. That’s why I was so excited to take my new Nucanoe Pursuit out on the water. It has everything that I need! The hull is made of Royalex, which is an excellent material because it is lightweight but also very durable. This means that even if you are a beginner or intermediate paddler, your boat will be able to withstand all the bumps and scrapes you can dish out without any worry of ever sinking. Plus this material gives me more freedom over how big of a load I want on.

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If you are living in the areas blessed with rivers and lakes, you are surely a lucky guy. You can go on for fishing, wander in the rivers and all the things that come with it. The most fun thing that people like to do living in such regions is they can go fishing on their own and even the family with them. Most of the people fantasy that, and small boys grow up to do that for a chill weekend.

Fishing on a fishing kayak is still the most satisfying thing for you on a stressful week, and if you get your hands on a big fish, then that’s the icing on the cake. Many people look for a stable kayak they come in different models, shapes, and sizes. Well, Nucanoe pursuit Kayak is still loved and preferred by many people who go for regular kayak fishing. It has given speed, stability, and a large clean open deck. It is a very versatile and great performance with exclusive potential. Check out a guideline below for more details.

Nucanoe Pursuit kayak can be used for: –

  •  Nucanoe Pursuit Kayak is a kayak as the name suggest. It is designed for any individual for fishing and moving with speed and giving you stability which catching fishes.
  • It is a multipurpose kayak which is majorly used for fishing purposes, paddling, rowing and decorating or recreation too. Coming to fishing, it is the first choice of many.

Features and Specifications: –

Nucanoe Pursuit Kayak is the product of Nucanoe, which is in business since 2006. This grew as the kayak fishing, and kayak hunting grew popular. Nucanoe Pursuit is 13 feet and 6 inches long. This is more than enough to carry a man and his belongings with a width of 35 inches; it makes it more comfortable. It has a primary seating capacity of 1 person, and junior seating of 1 is also available, but it is optional and can be removed easily.

It is built in such a way that it can carry up to the mass of 226 kg, which is sufficient for any short or overnight trip. It has come with an engine of 2.5 Horse Power or 79 CC which can move you about the water swiftly and at quite a higher speed than the other Kayaks. Moreover, it is also lightweight weighing about 42 kilograms.

This kayak is fundamentally built with High-grade plastic. It is a one-piece plastic and adds on to build the other required things. It is quite a large kayak. It has space for bow Crate; heel Braces and Internal Rod tubes to not make the kayak a congested one. It has also give cup-holders on both the sides and a custom height pinnacle seat. This makes the journey and smooth and relaxed, unlike other kayaks I, which makes the journey tiring and frustrating.

2021 NuCanoe Pursuit 13.5 Kayak - Performance Fishing Kayak
  • New Fusion Seat!
  • 2020 NuCanoe Pursuit 13.5 Kayak - The Pursuit: Speed, Stability, & Space
  • Say hello to the Pursuit! Combining speed, stability, and space, the Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise to anglers everywhere.
  • The Pursuit features the NuCanoe’s signature platform-style design and is packed with integrated features that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t.
  • Specs:

Size, Shape, and Safety

In this nucanoe pursuit kayak review, it is mentioned that the product is quite a large kayak than the other kayaks those are very tiny and allows you to do very little tasks.

Pursuit Kayak is spacious, and you can perform many tasks freely. It is long and has special space for a few needed items like fishing rods and motor and paddles. It also has a free deck space in front and back for you to keep things in space. It allows you to keep your legs free as it has a seat where you can sit and enjoy traveling.

With this, you can also move your leg freely in the kayak, and it also has an extra-large Gear vault or hard Shell tub which allows you to keep the things intact. It is shaped like a normal kayak but quite long. But it has not affected its stability, whereas it has only made it more stable. To make you move in some troubled water, it has also given handles on both the side that can help you to keep the balance and not let you into the water.

It has also given the hooks and places for building a shelter in case it rains. It has a capacity of carrying a load of more than 200 kg is just adding to make it more helpful for the person who is using it. Solo fishing lovers will find it even more satisfying as it is more spacious and safe than most of the other kayaks.

The amount of dry storage is quite large than any other kayaks. It can be used of your phones, key, radios, GPS device and behind the seat the deck where you can keep the caught fishes. And the special box in the front that is useful to keep first aid kit or anything valuable to you. The cords on the side trunks can be securing your bags and other things that you have brought with you.

Why Buy Pursuit Kayak?

One of the major attractions for this kayak is its space. It is more spacious and comfortable than many kayaks regardless of the height of the kayaker and weight.

It tackles storage and accessory recesses and has plenty of them. In rains and sunny weather, it has space and holes to fit a temporary shelter to keep you more comfortable and can protect you from rains and the radiations caused by the sun. It also has mesh covers to cover your items and keep them stable and safe.

It has a comfortable sitting and more space to move your feet and handles to keep your balance and increasing its versatility. It also handles to drag it into the water. Tests performed by the experts say that it can move effortlessly in the waters that have plants can slow down the speed but can’t stop it. Another great reason to buy it is its speed. It seems speedier than any other kayak and can move swiftly in the waters and its potential is limitless.

It is also available in 8 different colors and finishes. Nucanoe Pursuit Kayak moves swiftly in skinny water, open water, and moving water, which gives you a new fishing experience altogether. It is a combination of speed, stability, and space with no compromise.


What are NuCanoe kayaks made of?

NuCanoe kayaks are made of Royalex and are constructed with an advanced fiberglass and polyester resin system. This material is lightweight but also very durable, which means that even if you are a beginner or intermediate paddler, your boat will be able to withstand all the bumps and scrapes you can dish out without any worry of ever sinking.

What are the differences between nucanoe pursuit vs frontier?

The differences between nucanoe pursuit vs frontier are that NuCanoe Pursuit Kayaks are made of Royalex and have a wider cockpit meaning they can accommodate larger paddlers.

Pursuits come in two sizes: 16-foot (190 pounds) and 17-foot (230 pounds). Frontier kayaks are made exclusively from rotomolded polyethylene shell with the NuCanoe signature rocker hull design for stability, extra cargo space, and an upright seat position with plenty of legroom.

Frontiers offer three size options: 13’0″ to 14’0″, 15’0″ to 18′, 19′.

NuCanoes also features one high-density foam bulkhead which is located at the stern while Frontiers use multiple chambers throughout their boats. The airtight chambers help keep the boat from sinking if it were to ever get punctured or hit by debris.

The NuCanoe Pursuit is perfect for those looking to try kayaking, individuals who are of heavy build and/or want an extremely stable ride while the Frontier’s lower price point makes them a good option for beginners as well.

What is the List of nucanoe pursuit specs?

Nucanoe holds some awesome specifications like a generous cockpit, extra cargo space, and an upright seat position with plenty of legroom.

Is NuCanoe a good kayak?

Yes. NuCanoe Kayak is good for beginners and for those looking to try kayaking. We recommend the NuCanoe Pursuit as it is a durable, relatively affordable kayak that will give you an excellent first-time experience.

How much does a NuCanoe weigh?

The average weight of NuCanoe Kayak weights a little over 40 pounds

  • NuCanoe Pursuit: 47.89lb
  • Frontier: 29.84lb

How much does Nucanoe Kayaks cost?

  • NuCanoe Pursuit Price: $999
  • Frontier Kayak Price: $399

List of common nucanoe frontier 12 problems

There are some issues that the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is susceptible to that includes:

-Rudder control system issues

-Side profile puncture

-Resistance while paddling on flat water and choppy water.

The NuCanoe Pursuit kayak, however, solves these problems because of its design which provides more stability in navigation and less resistance for high speeds.

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