Oru Kayak Review For 2023 (Features, Specs & FAQs Covered)

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Oru kayak is now more accessible than ever before, thanks to the keen attention to the slightest details and advanced engineering. Did you know that every lifestyle can include kayaking with the lightweight, foldable Oru kayak? It is ready to go the distance wherever your next destination is. It also requires no trailer hitch for a boat so that you can store it in your car trunk.

Key Takeaways

  • This is a very durable kayak as it can easily hold up to 20,000 folds
  • Due to their translucent exterior, this kayak illuminates light at night so if you want to kayak at night then it will be very helpful
  • This kayak has a lightweight and sleek design so you can easily accelerate and increase speeds
  • The hull offers plenty of storage space so you can easily stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions

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Customer Rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Customer rating by features

1. Ease of assembling 4.5

2. Portability 4.4

3. Ease of use 4.4

4. Stability 4.3

5. Speed 4.3


1. They are durable as they can hold up to 20,000 folds.

2. Being lightweight and noticeably stable, they are very responsive and easy to maneuver.

3. Depending on the model, Orus can hold anywhere from 90-180 liters of storage.

4. You can carry them everywhere with you as they are impressively portable.

5. They illuminate light at night with the help of some added lights due to their translucent exterior.

6. You can paddle as fast as a traditional kayak due to its lightweight and sleek design.

7. Assembling and disassembling is quick and easy, taking from five to thirty minutes. 

8. Wherever you have a few extra feet of space, Oru Kayak can be easily tucked away in the car trunk or a closet.


1. They are too small for coziness. 

2. It might have poor secondary stability.


1. The kayaks are foldable, making them easy to transport

2. Oru kayaks have a unique and award-winning design that made them featured on CNN, Shark Tank, Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.

3. The kayak is certainly monumental as it is sleek and reliable.

4. Has extra strength and durability: these kayaks Exceeded the US Coast Guard recreational vessel requirements by more than 1000 folds 

5. its contoured shape allows the kayak to maneuver strong waves and choppy waters with ease.

6. The materials are abrasion and puncture-resistant from the durable double-layered polypropylene, which is foldable without weakening. 

7. The straps with buckles offer easy, intuitive closures that give you more time on the water. 

8. The hull offers plenty of room to stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions.

9. It has a comfortable foam seat with a fully adjustable backrest and an easy-to-adjusted footrest to enhance the cockpit’s comfort.

Oru Kayak Specifications:

Type of sportFlatwater Kayaking
Suggested usersMale and female
Type of SeatFoam/padded
Number of paddlersOne person
Dimensions when packed32 x 28 x 13 inches
Width25 inches
Depth 13 inches
Weight300 pounds
Cockpit size30 x 16 inches
Available colorsOrange/white
Warranty 1 year

1. Lightweight:

A kayak’s weight is a significant concern to many people who enjoy the outdoor water experience. Oru kayaks keep your boat ultra-light while at the same time, they are also tough. The most significant advantage goes to the cutting-edge materials, unlike ordinary personal kayaks that weigh from 50 to 80 lbs. It is designed to save all your energy for your kayaking adventure, whether you carry it folded or assembled, ready for paddling. The top strap makes it easy to haul around, especially when folded in the form of a suitcase. It makes the entire water experience enjoyable due to its ease of portability.

2. Durable:

Of course, everyone would want a stable kayak that cannot be easily ripped off by sticks, stones, or even sand. Thanks to the Oru Kayak, which is made from a 5mm custom, double-layered polypropylene material. It is in for the long haul from 10 years of UV protection against damage and color fading and its thousands of manufacturer-tested fold cycles. All the same, it is customized to last.

3. Impeccable Design:

This kayak has a good performance with an absolute design marvel from the smooth lines, clever connections, and bright colors. It can be treated like a fiberglass boat or get dragged on the ground without quickly ripping off. Moreover, it can also hold up to 20,000 folds and still stay intact. With the help of some added light, it illuminates light at night due to its translucent exterior. If you are out on the water at night, this is probably a cool added feature.

4. Flexible:

An Oru kayak can also be set up as a single-seater even though it is marketed as a tandem kayak. It has plenty of room to bring along a kid or pet, and the single-seat setup enables lots of gear and snacks for a solo fishing trip. Additionally, it can hold up to 500lbs in either single or double mode. 

5. Available In Different Models:

Oru kayaks come in different models you get to choose from, depending on your kayaking experience. You can get them on Amazon, at REI stores nationwide, or straight from the source. The color and shape of each model match nicely, giving it a unique look. The five different Oru Kayak options available include;

a) The Haven –  meant for beginners to intermediate, suitable for calm waters.

b) The Coast XT – for intermediate to advanced users and suitable for heavy surfing.

c) The Bay ST – for beginners to advanced, but can be used on choppy waters.

d) The Inlet – for beginners and appropriate for calm waters.

e) The Beach LT – for beginners and apt for still waters.

6. Easy To Fold:

It can be assembled in a flash, unlike any average inflatable fishing kayak or a river raft. It has all the performance-enhancing upgrades you could need as it is sporty and very stylish. Furthermore, it perfectly works whether you are planning on a competitive or a recreation kayak. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

This section aims at answering all the frequently asked questions, which might not have been captured in this article. Read through to figure it out as we unveil more about some of the issues of concern.

1.  When Swamped, Do Oru Kayaks Float With A 300 Lbs Load?

No, the kayak won’t sink to the bottom even if you fully swamp your boat. They are naturally buoyant and made of a dual-layer material. With 300 lbs by themselves, they will probably not float as with most kayaks. But to be on the safe side, you will possibly need to add float bags to it. 

2. How Good Can They Hold Up To Abrasion? 

The hull is tough and abrasion-resistant as they are made from a durable corrugated plastic material. In cases of improper use, they can sustain damage, but unfortunately, they are not meant for use in rapids, rocky, or shallow water conditions. 

3. How Stable Is It In Terms Of Getting In And Out For A Swim While In The Water?

You can easily reboard from the back or the side of an Oru kayak in shallow waters. You can use bailing sponges because, in the process, you’ll undoubtedly take on a small amount of water.

4. What Is The Tracking Like?

An Oru kayak has superior tracking on the water as they are very stable. The streams, rivers, lakes, and smooth, calm waters are their proposed water bodies.


The Oru Kayak is made in California from corrugated plastic in origami style. It is easily assembled into 12-16 ft long sea-faring vessels and folded up in a backpack. It can be carried on the back as it weighs 25-40 pounds. It is more convenient to travel with it whether you are hiking or traveling to a fun event or vacation. 

You can as well check on a plane counting as carry-on baggage, with no extra charge when flying. But you can also get the Inlet or Oru Pack, which fits the kayak and other accessories as a heavy-duty nylon backpack. You can get them on their website at a reduced cost from time to time, for they also sell certified refurbished kayaks.

After reading through this article to the end, you can effortlessly make the final decision whether an Oru Kayak fits your intended purpose of use or not. Consider all the pros, cons, added features, and specifications before making your purchase. Above all, your budget also counts in as much as a good kayaking experience is concerned. What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and shop for an Oru Kayak to take your kayaking experience to another level. Stay safe!



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