Pennsylvania (PA) Boat Registration | The Only Process You Should Know

Want to know about pa boat registration – the process

Suppose you are on vacation and relaxing on your boat. Suddenly coast guard arrives and asks for the registration paper of your boat. You are blank about it because you don’t know what is boat registration?

And unfortunately you have to pay penalty to the coast guard and your vacation is ruined. So it is important to know about pa boat registration.

So it is important to know and get your boat register. Any boat that is powered by diesel, gasoline or electric motor needs to be registered so you have legal right to sail it.

Is the boat registered out of state is valid in pa (Pennsylvania)?

Yes, in most the cases boat registered out of state is valid in pa (Pennsylvania). In the state where the boat is used for primary use, the boat must be registered there. Primary use state is those state, where your boat is on the water more than any other state.

The boats which are registered in their home state are given the privilege to use sail the boat or use their boat on water of pa (Pennsylvania) for 60 days. But if the boaters are willing to be on pa for more than 60 days they have to get registered on pa (Pennsylvania).

Process of registering a boat in pa (Pennsylvania)

If you want to get your boat register in pa, there is a process you must have to follow to get it done. Registering boat and registering a car is one of the same kind.

  • Mail an application form

First, you have to go to the pa registration site. Download the application and fill it. Send the application and important documents and papers which is asked to submit it. Pay the given amount to the commission. Here is the fishing license pricing if you need it.

Once the process is completed the commission will send you the registration and other valid documents.

  • Temporary registration

Temporary registration is issued by the commission or the agents. Temporary registration allows you to use your boat on the water of pa (Pennsylvania) till the time your permanent registration is under process. As soon the process will be completed the permanent registration card will be provided to you and the temporary registration will be canceled.

Boat registration has to be renewed in every 2 years. The commission sends the renewal card to the owner of the boat before the date of the registration expiry. You can also our renewal your registration if its validity has expired. You can do that by following simple steps:

  • By sending a renewal card

The owner has to send the renewal card after completion and the payment to the commission. The commission will check the renewal card and after the process is completed your new registration with 2-year validity will be provided to the owner. 

So go now and register your boat in PA, as you know all the steps to get it register.

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