The 7 Best Kayak Paddle Holders Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons Explained)

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Kayak paddles are available in different sizes, shapes, etc. and so does the kayak paddle holder. You have to be very selective while buying kayak paddle holders. Depending on the paddle type and your activities, you have to buy the paddle holder. For example, if you love kayak fishing then you have to pick a kayak paddle holder that will be most convenient and accessible for you while you are fishing.

Kayak paddle keepers have variations in their models. We have analyzed the reliable paddle keepers to help you in choosing the right one for your purpose.

Top 7 Paddle Holders For Kayak In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Paddle Holders For Kayaks

1. YakAttack Rotogrip Paddle Holder

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A paddle is one of the precious accessories for successful kayak fishing. Thus, we have picked a quality product to let you store the paddle rightly. YakAttack has earned a reputation for manufacturing durable paddle holders for kayak anglers. YakAttackRotogrip Paddle Holder has a minimalistic, compact design, and you can easily keep your paddle secure with this kit.

YakAttack has created a specialized design, where the paddle has to remain between rollers. The model will firmly hold the oar like a clamp. There is a heavy-duty bolt adding value to the paddle keeper. Thus, managing the paddle is not an issue for regular anglers. You can use the system with GearTrac, MightyMount, and other available kayak tracks of YakAttack. For Jonny Boats and FeelFree Kayaks, you need to use an adapter.

SUP and kayak anglers will get some options for the installation and configuration of this small gadget. YakAttack has created a low-profile paddle holder with a dimension of about 2.25″. You can store and secure your paddle without making noise.

Now, the question is- Should you buy one or two paddle holders? Some anglers have found that one holder can serve their purpose. However, while one side of the paddle is slightly thick, and there is a risk of slipping out with movement. That is why you can buy two holders for securing the system.


1. Good level of grip

2. The system can grab your paddle very fast

3. The rubber-made paddle holder is a long-lasting piece, best for outdoor use

4. Compatible with different kayak track systems.


1. Needs two pieces for the ultimate result


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When your shaft size ranges from 1 ⅛ to 1 ⅜ inch, you can rely on this paddle gripping system. Let these kits hold your paddles securely when you are not in your kayak. We think that it is the best paddle holder for novices. You can easily mount the system on your kayak’s gear tracks. There is no need to make holes in your kayak for its installation. However, while you have no gear tracks, it is essential to buy them as a separate package. You can store the landing net and paddle pole with the RailblazaQuikgrip system.

The width of the paddle keeper, where you need to place your oar, is about 2 ¾ inches. Thus, the uniquely designed kit grip, and the paddle without using another holder. What’s more, the mount includes a small mounting point to let you attach a number of accessories, including a phone holder and camera holder.

The track mountable design is one of the unique features of RailblazaQuikgrip. Thus, after taking it out of the package, you can use it for your kayak. Moreover, you may install the MiniPortTracMount to a gap present between your thumb knobs.


1. Additional mounting area

2. Best for standard kayak paddles

3. Gear track compatible

4. Helps in direct mounting to the boat


1. Must be more durable

3. Norme 6 Pieces Paddle Holder

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For easier installation and a comprehensive package, we have chosen this product for anglers. The kit includes everything that you need to keep the paddle secure. By opening the package, you will get paddle leashes (3 packs), paddle clips (3 packs), and some accessories. The best fact is that you can attach the paddle holder to a kayak without making a hole. That is why it is the right choice for your inflatable kayaks and SUPs. The availability of useful accessories adds convenience to users.

Now, let us tell you about the materials used for these paddle kits. Norme has used high-end plastic to make this paddle clip. The durable clip does not get damaged and broken due to your regular use. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance is another notable feature of the clip. The nylon-made paddle leash is also of high quality. There is no risk of loose elasticity and over-stretch.

You can use Norme Kayak paddle kits with most of the kayaks (Vibe, Malibu, Pelican, Lifetime, and Emotion kayaks). Apart from choosing the paddle clips for storing kayak paddles, you may use them for your fishing nets. The clip is capable of holding the kayak paddle tightly and steadily. The light tension bungee is one of the unique parts of a kayak leash. With minimal forces, this section can elongate and then retract back easily.

The aluminum hook with the leash has a thickness of 0.25 inches. The length of the leash can range from 59 to 79 inches. We have found this leash useful for any purpose. You can keep up the safety of your gears. Thus, you can try out these kits as one of the kayak anglers.


1. High-grade plastic used in the clip

2. Best for paddling in freshwater

3. Secure your paddle tightly


1. The paddle keeper has a sharp corner that injures your skin.

4. YYST 4 PCS Kayak Paddle Clip Paddle Holder

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When you need to secure a large-sized paddle of your kayak, you may invest in these paddle holders. The manufacturer has used molded nylon to design these four pieces of paddle clips. Moreover, for easier attachment, the package includes eight pan head screws that are made of stainless steel. As there is more than one clip, the installation is not an issue for a new user. You can secure two paddles to your kayak. One of the best features is that while you have attached the system to your kayak, it never causes scratches to your paddles. Your paddle will have no impact due to the use of rubber adjacent to the screw mount.

With most of the standard-sized paddle shafts (diameter ranging from1-1/8″ to 1-1/4”), you may use this paddle holder. The distance between two holes in each of the clips is 1/2 inch. Instead of mounting the system on the side, you have to install it vertically. Thus, check out the reliability of this paddle keeper for your purpose. While you are simply floating on the water, you can keep the paddler attached to its holder.


1. No scratch risk to your paddles

2. Stainless steel nuts have no rust problems

3. Easy to mount


1. Material has to be studier

5. Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder 

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With one investment, you can find two bungee paddle holders for your kayak. Durable and reliable designs are one of the notable things about paddle keepers. This paddle keeper constitutes a 6MM bungee cord. You can find the cord already installed for your convenience.

A special feature of the holder is that there are two J-hooks to make the installation process easier. However, the manufacturer has not added rivets to the package. You can use this holder not only to store your kayak paddles but also some other items.

To make nuts and screws durable, manufacturers have used stainless steel 304. Moreover, this stainless steel ensures that there will be no rust issues in the future.

The length of bungee cords is about 12 inches. You may also buy replacement chords available at a lower price rate.


1. Longer cords

2. Stainless steel screws

3. Best quality J-shaped hooks


1. Ends of the cord are not much sturdy

6. Yakclips clip-on kayak paddle keeper

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Yakclips has designed one of the best paddle holders for kayaking enthusiasts. It has used patented technology to manufacture this paddle keeper for a kayak.

This clip-on style kayak paddle keeper helps you to install the kit conveniently. Most of the kayakers have found that they take a few seconds for its install, as there is no need for drilling with tools. Your precious kayak is now free of holes. You can clip the paddle holder on it and be ready for your fishing trip.

Target the front part of the kayak to install the paddle holder. You may snap a photo or eat something without having the oar on your lap.

As this Yakclips paddle keeper is a removable and adjustable device, you can position it based on your purpose. You do not need tools for adjustments, and you may use the system for other fishing boats and canoes. With the standard paddle sizes, you can ensure that the Yakclips paddle holder is the right choice.

The boating attachment, offered by Yakclips, includes accessory clips that hold your dry bags and fishing poles. Your investment will be secure with the use of these clips. Moreover, small kayaking accessories are easy to transport. The weight of a paddle clip is about 5 ounces, and on either side, there are accessory clips.


1. Quick installation

2. High-quality boating attachment

3. Small and portable


1. Some kayakers cannot fit the clip snugly

7. Attwood Canoe Kayak Paddle Keeper

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Attwood is another reliable brand, offering a premium quality paddle holder for your kayak. The small device is easy to install in your boat. One pack includes two paddle holders to help you in securing your paddles firmly. The black-painted clips are long-lasting devices that endure weather elements during your regular use. What’s more, four stainless steel screws and bolts are durable pieces to install the device tightly in your kayak. These screws will have no rust problems in the future. You may also use the accessory for your canoe and pontoon boats.

When the paddle holder is in your boat, you can enjoy your angling activities better. Use these snap-in clips for paddles of standard sizes. You do not need to grip paddles with your hands. During your beach camping, you can take these paddle holders with you. However, make sure that the diameter of your paddle is about 1″ to use the clip properly.


1. No hassle in installation

2. Highly durable

3. Includes two clips in a pack


1. Needs to be slightly bigger

How To Buy The Best Kayak Paddle Keeper

How To Buy The Best Kayak Paddle Keeper

Kayak paddle keepers are nowadays available in different shapes and with varying price ranges. Based on the materials used for these paddles, you can find a variation in the price and durability levels. However, when you need a collection of kayak fishing gears, you may look for these paddle keepers. As you are out for a kayaking trip, you must have these paddle holders with you. After evaluating a range of kayak keepers, we have picked the best models for your use. Now, we have provided you with a guide on how to buy the best kayak fishing paddle holders.

You can find the mounting hardware parts with your paddle keeper. The hardware has to be strong to manage the load of your big kayak paddles. Moreover, durable materials help you in snapping in and snapping out the systems several times. You do not need to compromise the functionalities of your kayak fishing activities.

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As one of the kayak fishermen, you have to know about the most common types of paddle keepers.

Hanging-Style Paddle Keeper

The hanging-style kayak paddle keeper is best for most kayak anglers. While you need to avoid drilling a hole into your kayak, you may choose this paddle keeper model. You may keep up the original condition of the deck of your kayak. Your hull for your fishing kayak will stay safe.

One of the notable features of a hanging-style paddle keeper is a durable strap. There is a snap clip on one end while another end constitutes a Velcro loop. It enables anglers to find out their kayak holders to the integrated D-ring present on the deck. You need two paddle keepers to secure a paddle. After proper installation, the kayak holder backs up the paddle between two straps.

Wall Mount Paddle Keeper

It is another category of paddle holder with a minimalistic design for wall mounting the kayak paddle. You can use individual wall mounts separately for the vertical storage of paddles. However, you may also use them together to store one paddle in a horizontal position. Moreover, paddle wall racks are effective to attach canoe, SUP, and paddles. The paddle thickness needs to be within 1.5 inches to make the best use of your paddle keeper.

The wall-mounted version is highly preferable for easier installation, and it includes the essential hardware parts. With two screws, you may accomplish the installation process. You have to place those screws close together to mount the system into one stud. Some of these wall-mounted models have non-slip rubber to hold the paddle firmly without the risk of damage.

Fixed Style Kayak Paddle Keeper

It is another user-friendly choice for your kayaking session. Lots of kayak anglers have preferred it to keep their kayak paddles safe; In this paddle keeper, you can find a rectangular plastic piece, integrated with a cradle at the center part. The holder comes with two mounting holes and a kit for mounting purposes. This kit includes rubberized nuts and stainless-steel screws.

This paddle holder is highly advantageous, as you can position it at the site of the kayak based on your choice. For instance, you can mount it to the front, back right, and left side vertically. The deck of a kayak needs to have two holes for every paddle holder. Then, you can use the nuts and screws to make sure that it is a watertight seal. After the successful installation, you may safely snap into the paddle keeper.

Clip-On Paddle Keeper

The third category of kayak paddle keeper is the clip-on style. Without additional hardware parts, you may easily attach them to your boat. You need to clip it only to the side of your kayak. The size of an attachment clip is smaller, compared to the paddle clip. Thus, you need to ensure that you have identified the purpose of the clip. It will make the installation process easier. With a snap, you may easily accomplish the process of installation. Some anglers have chosen this paddle keeper for simpler installation, while others have preferred it for customization options.

Kayak Paddle Keeper- Why Is It Important To Anglers?

Paddle keepers are useful kits that you can use during your kayak fishing activities. When you are buying with catching fish, you may not be able to hold the paddle at every moment. For instance, while struggling to manage a big-sized fish, you cannot concentrate on your paddle. In this situation, paddle keepers are the right choice for you. Thus, your paddle will not float away when you do not grip it.

There are some other reasons for investing in a kayak paddle holder.

Ensure your safety

When you have installed a paddle keeper on your fishing boat, you ensure safety on the water body. For instance, you can think of jumping off your kayak for taking photos and swimming. In that case, the paddle keeper has to keep the paddle in its position. While you are back to the shore, you may restart your trip.

Useful for transportation purpose

We think that a paddle keeper is useful only when we are on the water. However, we may also use it at the time of transporting the kayak from or to the water. There is another way of using a paddle keeper. While carrying the kayak down to the water body, the oar remains secure due to the properly installed paddle holder. Thus, you will get a spare hand that you may use for carrying additional kits for kayaking purposes.

Thus, buy some paddle holders and keep your kayak paddles safe all the time. When your kayak is in the garage, you can still have those paddles installed in it.

The durability of your paddle keeper

Some paddle holders are made of stainless steel, while others are designed with rubber and different materials. The high-end plastic, used for paddle holders, is temperature resistant, resistant, and waterproof.

Water and temperature- these are two big rivals to the durability of your paddle holder. The best models include nuts and mounting screws with them. The best paddle keepers do not have the risk of loosening problems and warping issues.

Design of the paddle holder and other kits

Kayak anglers always think of carrying the essential gears with them. Thus, nowadays, the paddle keeper manufacturers include some additional kits in the package. For instance, you may find screws, nuts, and a paddle leash in the package.


Some anglers are of the view their fixed-style paddle holders perform best. You may use these devices to secure the heavy metallic paddles of your kayak. Your paddles will not bounce out of your kayak at any time. However, you may also try out other models of kayak paddle keepers.

Now, we can conclude that paddle keepers give you freedom while we are on the water. We have chosen paddle holders from different brands. From reviewing the durability of materials, compatibility, and functionality, we have picked these paddle holders for you. Some of these kits may need drilling for installation, while others are ready for use without drilling.

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