Pelican Argo 100XR Kayak Review; Features, Price And Everything Explained

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If you’ve used any pelican boat, then you know for sure that they don’t come to play. The Pelican Argo 100 XR is no exception; it is a quality and versatile recreational kayak ideal for paddlers who want a relaxing and stable experience on the water. The kayak has been designed with comfortable features that suit every paddler’s needs. It is meant for exploring calm waters such as lakes and slow-moving rivers to make the outdoors more fun.

Key Takeaways

  • The pelican Argo 100 XR is for solo paddlers looking for a comfortable and incredibly stable sit-in kayak
  • This kayak has adjustable footrests, two bottle holders, and premium knee pads to provide you comfort while kayaking
  • The kayak has a storage bag, storage platform, and a quick-lock rear box, so you can carry all your gears and you won’t need extra carry bags
  • The price of this kayak is $519.99 and you can buy it from Amazon or Pelican’s official website

What Is The Pelican Argo 100 XR Kayak?

This is a recreational sit-in kayak that is ideal for paddlers looking for a stable yet comfortable kayak. It is a one-person kayak that is lightweight and easily portable, and you can carry it for adventures wherever you want to go. The kayak has a storage bag, storage platform, and a quick-lock rear box that helps you bring all the gear you need. It also has comfort features such as adjustable footrests, two bottle holders, and premium knee pads to take the hustle away and ensure you enjoy kayaking.

Who Is The Pelican Argo 1000 XR Kayak For?

The pelican Argo 100 XR is for solo paddlers looking for a comfortable and incredibly stable sit-in kayak. You can use this kayak regardless of your skill level. The kayak is also quite affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive but quality kayak. The manufacturer also categorizes the kayak as a fishing kayak, meaning you can comfortably use it for kayak angling.

How Much Does Pelican Argo 100 XR Cost?

Pelican Argo 100 XR Cost

This kayak costs $519.99, but the price may vary depending on the season and where you buy it. During summer, the prices may hike due to the high demand. We recommend purchasing the kayak in the months before summer if you want a good deal.

Features Of The Pelican Argo 100XR

Pelican kayaks are famous for their unique and functional features, and that’s also the case with the Argo 100XR. Let’s get straight to the features of this modest and durable kayak.

1. Made From Durable Yet Lightweight Thermoform Polyethylene

The material used to make this kayak is a high molecular density polyethylene which is exceptionally durable. The kayak also has a resin top layer for that rigidity. Less material is used to produce each boat, making the vessel lightweight and easy to haul around.

2. It Has A Twin-Arched Multi-Chine Hull That Offers Excellent Stability

The hull’s design is made to guarantee a safe and steady ride to paddlers of different sizes.  You can easily get in and out of the kayak due to the hull design and spacious cockpit.

3. Lightweight And Has Ergonomic Carry Handles, Making It Easy To Carry

This kayak weighs only 41 lbs. and has comfortable carry handles at the bow and stern, making it easy to load and carry around. Its lightweight is very convenient for a one-person kayak since you don’t need help to get it to the water or store.

4. Has Spacious Storage Hatches That Come With Storage Bags

With the pelican Argo 100 XR, you won’t have to worry about carrying your gear. The kayak has storage hatches that are spacious enough to fit your equipment. It also comes with storage bags for convenient storage of your equipment.

5. It Has An Ergo Flex Seating System That Allows You To Adjust The Backrest For Maximum Comfort

This vessel is made for maximum comfort with the Ergo flex seating system, allowing you to customize the height of your backrest. You can also adjust the degree of tilt on the seat to make paddling a breeze.

6. It Has A 4-Inch Day Hatch That Is Equipped With A Quick Lock And A Storage Bag

 The day hatch comes in handy for storing gear and equipment that you might use frequently. It is easily accessible, and the quick lock ensures your stuff remains safe throughout your trip.

Features A Storage Platform With A Mesh Deck Cover

It comes with a bottle cage, a bottle holder, and a smartphone holder for safely and securely holding your accessories in place.

It has a drain plug for expelling any water getting into the cockpit.

Has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lb. 

For a one-person kayak, the weight capacity is sufficient to handle the paddlers’ weight and their luggage without overwhelming the vessel.

Specifications Of Pelican Argo 100 XR

Brand Pelican 
Kayak typeSit-in
ColorCosmo; white
Dimensions 120” x 29”x 12.75”
Seating capacityOne person
Sport typeFishing 
Weight41 lbs. 
Max weight capacity300 lbs. 

How Does The Pelican Argo 100 XR Perform On The Water?

This section looks at the user’s experience with Pelican Argo 100XR on water. We have also included reviews from other users to come up with a comprehensive rating. We shall focus on the comfort, stability, and maneuverability of the vessel as the guiding tools.

1. Comfort 

The first comfort feature that you encounter with this kayak is the ergonomic carry handles. You will comfortably carry the kayak to the water without experiencing any numbing on your fingers. When you get your kayak on the water and get inside, the one thing you notice is how comfortable the kayak is. The cockpit design allows you to sit comfortably and is spacious enough for ease of entry and exit. The seating system makes it possible to adjust your seat to your desired comfort level. You can tilt the seat and adjust the height of the backrest to seat comfortably. The kayak also has premium knee pads to ensure your legs remain comfortable throughout the adventure.

2. Stability 

The kayak has a twin-arched multi-chine hull and a spacious cockpit that makes the kayak super stable. Getting on and off the kayak is easy peasy since it stays stable on the water. This is a great kayak option for beginners who are still learning how to paddle since it remains stable as you focus on paddling. You can use the vessel for fishing, and the stability will give you an easy time casting.

3. Maneuverability And Tracking 

This kayak is designed to glide smoothly in calm water that doesn’t have rocks and other obstacles. The hull design makes it maneuver smoothly with excellent tracking; you can easily access those tight fishing spots without much hassle.

Pros Of The Pelican Argo 100 XR kayak

1. Affordable yet excellent quality kayak

2. Lightweight and easy to carry to and from the water

3. Aesthetically pleasing with bright colors

4. Has plenty of storage options for gear and equipment

5. Designed for users’ comfort with features such as knee pads and comfortable seats

6. Made from durable material

7. It can be used as a fishing kayak

8. Great for beginners and those learning how to paddle

Cons Of The Pelican Argo 100 XR 

1. Taller paddlers might have limited legroom

Final Word

The Pelican Argo 100XR kayak is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable recreational kayak that performs well. It has well-thought-out features that make your adventure comfortable and enjoyable.

The quality construction of the kayak guarantees durability, and you can be sure to enjoy numerous water adventures long after purchasing it. We hope that this guide helps you make the final decision on buying the vessel. We recommend it 100% and guarantee that it is worth buying. Would you please let us know when you buy yours and how you like it? Happy kayaking!


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