Pelican Catch 120 Kayak Review | A Fast, Affordable Fishing Kayak

Fact Checked By James A Rockey | Post Updated On: December 17, 2022
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The Pelican Catch 120 Kayak is designed for use on flatwater and slow-moving rivers and is a good choice for those looking to do some sightseeing or fishing on the water. Some key features of the Pelican Catch 120 Kayak are a padded seat, adjustable footpegs, enough storage space, etc. If you are an advanced angler looking for a kayak for the ultimate fishing experience, then the Pelican Catch 120 Kayak will be the ideal choice.

Key Takeaways

  • The seating system of the Pelican Catch 120 is Egocast dual position and it ensures comfort while you are kayak fishing for hours
  • The width of this kayak is 34 inches, so it will provide excellent stability and the chances of tripping will be reduced
  • The price of this kayak ranges from $700 to $900 and you can buy it from Amazon or Pelican’s official website 

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Item Weight


Seating Capacity




Max Weight Capacity

‎400 lbs.

What Are The Specifications And Product Details of Pelican Catch 120?

1. The weight of the kayak is 68.3 pounds

2. The Product Dimensions are: 139.8 x 33.9 x 15 inches

3. The product Model number is KRP12P106


5. Max capacity is 400 lbs.

6. The seating system is Egocast dual position

7. The kayak has adjustable footrests

8. It also has a drain plug

9. Carrying handles that are steady and rigid

10. There is a present storage platform along with a bungee


Things You Can Do With This Kayak!

A range of activities and sports can be undertaken with a Pelican 120.
Some of these activities are,

1. Fishing

2. Whitewater

3. Diving

4. Ecotourism

price of the kayak can come for anywhere between $700 and $900 depending upon
the area where the kayak Pelican catch 120 is to be delivered. The residential
shipping charge for Pelican 120 is $99.Amazon charges the same cost for
delivering the product to a commercial address.

What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing A Pelican Catch 120?

Pelican Catch 120 review on Amazon indicates its durability and incredible
efficiency. Some of its most important benefits are,

1. The kayak is incredibly popular and renowned for its stability. With its above satisfactory width of 34 inches, Catch 120 is wide as well as greatly stable. There is no chance of tripping. One can also easily stand on it without ever worrying about losing control.

2. The extremely comfortable seat of Pelican catch 120 is another benefit of purchasing this incredible kayak. Customers swear by how comfortable the seat is, and there is no doubt that the ones who go kayaking in this kayak have fun as well as a comfortable experience. One can easily spend one full day just in this seat yet have no cramps.

3. The seat’s feature of having two different positions makes it very convenient for the users. The Low, as well as the high position both, have their benefits. In the high position, one can easily bend their knees as well as store things beneath the seat.

4. Pelican Catch 120’a tracking has been termed to be above satisfactory by the customers. Although it can’t be tracked in a straight light by adding a rudder, it becomes super amazing.

The Handles of the boat are strong and greatly durable.

Is There Any Particular Weakness Of Pelican Catch 120?

Drift is one of the
shortcomings of Pelican catch 120. The boat drifts a lot in a strong wind, and
even in normal wind, the kayak is not spared from drifting. It is one of the
downsides of this kayak.  At times, the drive is so bad that it becomes
almost impossible to go fishing without using an anchor. On attaching an anchor
along with a trolley, the process, however, becomes easy. It can’t be denied
that the drifting problem is not unique to Pelican Catch 120, but every other
kayak has this problem.

What Are Some Of The Important Features Of Pelican Catch 120?

of the features of the kayak Pelican 120 present in this Pelican
Catch 120 review

1. Presence of rod tie downs as well as two paddles

2. There are two accessory eyelets

3. There is also an Anti-slip carpet for enabling standing carefree

4. The presence of adjustable footrests is another feature

5. There is also a bottle holder for user convenience

6. The boat  is inclusive of four scupper plugs

7. There is also a flush mount to enable holding the rod

8. A stand assist strap enables the kayakers to easily stand and have complete stability

9. Bungee cords and storage platform make the kayaking experience incredibly convenient

10. The kayak due to its superb build can be easily maneuvered

11. The kayak has a capacity of 400 lb – 181 kg

12. It supports seating for one person


Are Pelican Kayaks Stable?

The Pelican Catch 120 is one of the most stable kayaks on the market. If you are looking for a great fishing boat, this should be at the top of your list!

Pelicans are known for their stability and durability; when you buy a pelican product, it will last you years (literally). All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable option that is stable enough to fish from but still agile enough to navigate around obstacles easily – look no further than the Pelican Catch 120 kayak. The best part? It packs down into its own bag so it’s easy to transport as well.

Are Pelican Fishing Kayaks Any Good

Yes, these kayaks are good and they’re a lot cheaper than most. You can get one for around $400 and it’s worth every penny.

This is the best kayak you could buy if your budget is tight but you still want something that will last many years to come.

I love this boat because I’m tired of buying flimsy before I’ve even used them enough to know they’ll break down – so spending money on quality materials was really important to me, not just some new trend/toy or whatever.

No matter what kind of fishing gear you need room for, these boats are perfect because there’s plenty of storage space available and they fold up into their own carrying case when they aren’t in use!

How Long Is The Pelican Catch 120 Kayak?

1. The length of the boat is 11 feet.

2. The width of the kayak is 32 inches.

3. The weight capacity of this kayak is 260 pounds, which means that it can carry two to three people without any problems at all!

What Is The Major Pelican Catch 120 Problems Or Disadvantages?

1. The only disadvantage I’ve seen is that it can be hard to find a place to store the kayak when you aren’t using it.

2. It’s also really tough for solo riders because there are no footpegs and they don’t always have enough room in front of them to paddle without hitting their knees on the inside of the boat (this gets difficult if you’re trying to use your feet as brakes).

3. Also, this isn’t an inflatable kayak so keep in mind that there will be some assembly required before you take it out on the water – but most people agree that these boats are well worth all those extra steps!

The Pelican Catch120 is undoubtedly the best bet for an affordable as well as a durable kayak. Last it is especially great as a fishing kayak, and for beginner kayak fishermen it is the best bet. Also, it is abundant with potential tweaking as well as upgrades. On adding a rudder, dry hatches, steering system, anchor trolley, extra holders for the rod as well as a fish finder it becomes the perfect kayak at an affordable price. Check out the official website if you want to know more about the same.