Pelican Kayaks Reviewed For 2023 (Factors, Comparisons Explained)

Fact Checked By James A Rockey | Post Updated On: December 17, 2022
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Pelican brand has won a reputation in the designation of Kayaks worldwide for producing kayaks that are of high quality, long lasting, and affordable prices. This has made the pelican company more popular than its competitors. It’s the only kayak company that makes its Kayaks using panted RAM-X multilayered material to be impact-resistant and regain their shape even after hits. 

Advantages Of Pelican Kayaks

Advantages Of Pelican Kayaks

1. Accessibility;

 Pelican kayaks can reach different locations in water easily that can not be accessed by powerboats. Fishing kayaks can navigate to fishing holes that can not be reached on foot. They are also more stealthy in movement; the fish won’t realize that they’re there until it’s too late.

2. Pocket Friendly:

It’s obvious that you’ll prefer buying a kayak that won’t drain your pocket that much and performs perfectly to your needs; Pelican kayaks are there for you. Given that a good pelican kayak for fishing can be expensive, you will still invest less in it than a powerboat. They need little maintenance and are easy to store.

3. Adaptability:

You can use pelican kayaks in a variety of waterways, whether small or large inland lakes.

4. Relaxation:

Surely, you require maximum comfort when on water. Pelican kayaks will give you the best relaxation experience you need. They have adjustable backrests and footrests that allow you to adjust them to your point of comfort as you enjoy your fishing and the water breeze.

Guide When Buying Pelican Kayaks

1. Sit-On-Top VS. Sit-In Kayaks.

Before deciding on the kayak to purchase, you must identify which category you want, according to your needs and preferences. Sit-on-top kayaks are versatile and good for beginners. They are easy to get on and off, with scupper holes that drain water. 

Sit-in kayaks are more traditional, and they are designed with a cockpit. These kayaks have a shelter that protects you from water splash and wind. They have a waterproof cover called a spray kit that will prevent the water from entering your kayak as you paddle, with more storage space. You will be required to have a look at different kayaks and choose your favorite.

2. Hull Type

Hull is the bottom shape of the kayak. It has a significant impact on the performance and stability of a kayak. Hull offers primary stability: when getting into the kayak and secondary stability when paddling. We have various types of the hull as discussed below;

1. Flat Hull: Kayaks with this hull offer primary stability and can be maneuverable. They are perfect for recreational kayakers and beginners.

2. Rounded Hull: The kayaks with rounded hulls can increase speed and maneuverability than the flat hull. It mostly offers secondary stability.

3. V-Shaped: It cuts through the water and makes the kayak travel straight. It’s perfect for recreational, long-distance trips and touring. This hull has less primary stability but high secondary stability.

4. Pontoon: This hull is more stable because it combines both the primary and secondary stability though they are a bit slow

3. Weight Capacity

Kayaks have different capacity that varies from each other. The capacity includes both the paddler’s body weight and the additional items in the kayak, such as coolers, fishing tackles, and gear.

4. Length And Width

There are those kayaks that are narrow and long; they move faster and in a straight line. Wider and short kayaks have a low speed, but they are easier to turn, which means they are good for beginners. Recreational kayaks are between 8 feet to 13 feet long, and they are suitable in calm waters, small lakes, and creeks, while touring kayaks are 14 feet to 18 feet long, and they are best in bigger rivers, lakes, and large waves.

Sit-In-Side VS Sit-On-Top Kayaks.

The kayak designs are divided into two categories;

1. Sit-In Kayaks

These kayaks have a defined cockpit with the paddler sitting inside the boat. The cockpit is wrapped with a spray skirt that prevents rain and splashing water from flooding the cockpit. They have a huge dry storage capacity where you can store dry gear. Because of this, it’s used for long-distance trips.

Sit-in-side kayaks are not suitable for beginners because they are majorly designed for high-speed and straight-like tracking. They are narrow in shape compared to other kayaks, which makes them less stable. Hence, inexperienced kayakers will be scared due to the thought of capsizing, making them lose focus on their paddle.

2. Sit-On-Top Kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for beginners and recreational lovers. In the case of capsizing, these kayaks are easier to climb back in and finish your paddle excursion. This makes the inexperienced kayakers feel stable and confident as they learn about kayaking techniques. The drawback of these kayaks is that they do not have a dry storage space, meaning, if you’re using it, you will be required to buy an extra dry bag in case you have something that you don’t want to come in contact with water


1. They have plenty of storage capacity.

2. They have adjustable backrests and footrests.

3. They contain built-in rod holders.

4. They are lightweight and durable


1. Pelican kayaks are a bit expensive than other kayaks.

2. They are not suitable for larger weights.

3. Some pelican kayak models lack legroom for taller people.


Easy To Use: 5 Out Of 5

You will like a kayak that is easy to use, and pelican kayaks prioritize on this. They ensure that kayakers get to the water and enjoy their kayaking in a good way.

Features: 5 Out Of 5

Pelican kayak models have differences that are vital depending on what they are best for. These features ensure that they give you maximum comfort and an easy time on the water.

Customer Service: 4 Out Of 5

Pelican kayaks made with Poly X, RAM-X, and RAM-X PREMIUM have a limited lifetime warranty. Parts and components of kayaks are given a year warranty. These warrants only apply if you register within 30 days of purchasing and use them for the right purpose.

Value For Money: 4.5 Out Of 5

Most pelican kayaks can be relatively cheaper compared to other kayaks of the same quality. They satisfy the needs and wants of the user, so buying this kayak will not be a waste of your money.

 Best Pelican Kayaks


There is no doubt that you will love going out on the water to have a kayaking experience of cool and warm breeze from waters that are calm and slow-moving. To happen successfully and satisfy your heart’s desires, you need a kayak that will fully serve you. It would be best if you had a recreational kayak that is light and simple to use. Keep in mind that this kayak may not be suitable for you if you’re for peak performance because the wind can blow them off due to them being light. They cost less and are perfect for beginners.

Best For Recreational: Pelican Recreational Performance Sit-In-Kayak

Item Weight36 Pounds
Seating Capacity‎1-Person

We would recommend you use this kayak for recreation on the water. It is excellent in maneuverability and accesses different parts of water due to its short keel. It is made up of a long-lasting High Molecular Weight Polyethene, meaning it requires fewer materials to be produced, but the outcome is hard to break and light to carry. Its stability makes it to be less affected by choppy conditions, making it perfect for newcomers. It also has ergonomic carrying handles that make it easy to lie and carry out.


Any fisherman will probably need a kayak that will give the best results for your fishing operations. This kayak has to have high stability and is sturdy which will help you stand and cast freely without fear of it capsizing.

The Best Kayak For Fishing: Pelican Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

Item Weight50 Pounds
Seating Capacity‎1-Person
StyleBasscreek 100xp Angler

This kayak has all it requires for a fisher. It has a multi-chine flat bottom hull, making sure that you get the maximum stability you need when casting lines and fishing reels. The hull also has an additional flotation that increases the safety of the fisherman. It’s lightweight, strong, and buoyant, ensuring that it stays on the water without sinking. The open cockpit is designed to make you stand up comfortably.

It has a quick lock hatch, and storage bag together with a storage platform with bungee cords where you can store gear for your trip. Adjustable footrest ensures that you remain comfortable while fishing. It also has an ERGOFIT G2 seating system with a padded seat cushion with an adjustable backrest cushion that gives you additional support.


If you love to be accompanied during your kayaking activities, you have a tandem kayak made just for you and your partner. This kayak has 2 to 3 seats, depending on your preferences.

Best For Tandem: Pelican Apex 130T Kayak

Item Weight55 Pounds
Seating Capacity‎2-Person

This kayak is our best for tandem. It has a twin-arched multi-chine hill that gives you maximum stability when kayaking. Getting on and off is also easy. The backrests of the seats are ERGOFORM™ padded and adjustable, and the seat is cushioned, ensuring you are comfortable all the way. The safety precaution of this kayak is amazing since it has additional flotation inside the hull, and it has scupper holes to drain water that might get inside the kayak. It is also lightweight at just 73lb, making it easily portable. That is not all; this kayak has an additional middle room if you want to bring your child or dog along. 

It also has molded footrests to enhance your comfort and two bottle holders for the two of you. For storage, there is a storage tank to hold your gear or any other thing you want to bring along. Just ensure not to exceed 500lb.


If you want to go on a long trip, you will need a kayak that offers ultimate comfort. You also need one that can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Best For Expedition: Sprint 120XR Performance Kayak

Item Weight51 Pounds
Seating Capacity‎1-Person

It offers great comfort for your long journey, with the adjustable ERGOFLEX G2 seating system and a breathable cushion. This kayak is very stable due to the V-chine hull and its length, which is 12 feet. The stern bulkhead gives this kayak floatation, and you can bail out the water and go on with your adventure.

This kayak has foam blocks on the side which ensure you have peace of mind when kayaking. This kayak has adjustable footrests, premium knee pads, and a bottle holder to add to your comfort. It has front storage with bungee cords ensuring you have all your needs with you. It is lightweight, weighing just 50lb, making transporting it easy. The ergonomic carrying handles make it even easier.

Final Thoughts On Pelican Kayaks.

From our above discussion, you have an idea of the pelican kayak and know that it caters to both beginners and experienced paddlers and why it’s loved most. Now you have to decide which pelican kayak will suit you, depending on your needs and the experience you want in the water. We wish you all the best as you find a great and durable kayak. Happy kayaking!