Pelican Solo Kayak Review; Features, Pros, And Cons Explained

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Pelican solo is the perfect sit-on-top kayak for kids. This kayak is designed for kids’ needs and is quite affordable. Thanks to its lightweight and molded carry handle you can easily carry this kayak. If you’ve been looking for an excellent first kayak for your kids then this is the perfect option.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pelican solo kayak is an excellent option for kids learning how to paddle and enjoy the kayaking world
  • The pelican solo kayak is available to buy for $149 from Amazon and it comes with all the accessories and features you need for basic kayaking
  • The twin-tunnel hull design makes this kayak very stable and easy to maneuver
  • This kayak comes with a 60″ three-piece paddle set and a safety flag
  • This kayak is self-bailing and features two scupper holes for draining any water

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What Is The Pelican Solo Kayak?

The pelican solo is a simple kayak designed to help kids understand and explore the kayaking world. It has a durable and robust construction that guarantees your kid’s safety while in the water. You can use the kayak as a beach toy when the kids don’t want to get in the water and have much fun. 

 The kayak is a quality product that comes at an affordable price to ensure all outdoor enthusiasts enjoy it. We love that this kayak is scaled down to size for kids and comes with accessories that kids can handle by themselves.

Who Is Pelican Solo Kayak For?

Who Is Pelican Solo Kayak For

Pelican solo kayak is an excellent option for kids learning how to paddle and enjoy the kayaking world. It is a simple kayak that most kids love at first sight. The kayak is made for the following user segments:

1. Kids Learning How To Kayak –the kayak is simple and easy to use, making it great for teaching your kids the basics of kayaking

2. Parents Looking For A Nice Beach Toy – if you are looking for a functional and affordable beach toy to keep your child engaged while on the beach, we highly recommend the pelican solo kayak

3. Those Looking For An Affordable Kids Kayak Option – the pelican solo costs less than $150 and is an excellent option for those on a budget looking to enjoy kayaking. 

How Much Does Pelican Solo Kayak Cost?

The pelican solo kayak is available to buy for $149 from Amazon. It is a great and affordable option for kids learning how to kayak. It comes with the accessories and features you need for basic kayaking.

Features Of The Pelican Solo Kayak

Let’s have a look at the features of this kayak in detail:

1. Lightweight And Compact For Kids To Carry Without Help

This kayak weighs only 19 lbs. and is 6 feet long, making it easy for kids to carry on their own. Hauling the kayak to and from the water will be fun and effortless since the kids can carry their vessels.

2. Twin-tunnel Hull Design Makes The Kayak Stable And Easy To Maneuver

For kids learning how to kayak, a stable kayak is essential to build their confidence and guarantee safety. The pelican solo kayak has a twin tunnel that makes the vessel stable on the water and easy to maneuver; thus, making learning a fun affair.

3. It Has A Paddle Cradle/ Park For Holding The Paddle When Not In Use

When the kids are just chilling on the water, they have somewhere to place the paddle. This ensures the paddle is not misplaced or damaged, and the kids don’t feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to hold the paddle.

4. It Comes With A 60″ Three-Piece Paddle Set And A Safety Flag

The kayak comes with a paddle that is easy to assemble and carry. This paddle is kid-friendly, and children have an easy time learning to paddle with it. The stern-mounted red flag works well to ensure the kid’s kayak is visible, and you can easily keep an eye on them.

5. Has Two Scupper Holes For Drainage

This kayak is self-bailing and features two scupper holes for draining any water that gets into the cockpit. When the kids want to hop into the water for a swim, the drainage system will come in handy as they get back on the kayak.

6. Features A Folding Backrest That Is Easy To Set Up And Adjust

This backrest makes it easy for you as you teach them how to paddle in different positions. It also helps them stay comfortable as they paddle for hours.

7. Can Hold A Maximum Weight Capacity Of 100 Pounds

This kayak is meant for kids aged between 5 and eight years. With a capacity of 100 pounds, we think it’s more than enough for any child’s needs.

8. Made Featuring The Patented RAM-X Technology 

 Pelican boats are known for this fantastic construction technology. It allows the boats to dent or bend without cracking. The material remains flexible and can be popped back into place to restore the kayak’s shape without compromising on performance.

9. Features A Swim-up Deck At The Stern

The pelican solo kayak has a swim-up deck at the stern that makes it easy for kids to get back on the kayak without having to climb over the gunwales. The kayak also features molded-in handles on the swim deck that make it easier for kids to re-enter the kayak.

10. Has Multiple Footrest Positions

These footrest positions are ideal for different-sized children and will allow kids to find their most comfortable position. The footrests will grow with your child, and they can use the kayak from when they are five years old until they are eight years.

Specifications Of The Pelican Solo Kayak

Brand Pelican
Weight 19lb
Max. capacity100lb
colorAvailable in red, yellow, and blue
Seating capacityOne person
Package includesPaddle, backrest

Strengths Of The Pelican Solo Kayak

1. Great for kids

2. It comes with a paddle, backrest, and safety flag

3. Affordable 

4. Lightweight and easy to carry

5. Durable with an excellent reputation

6. Designed for rugged and heavy use, which is perfect for kids

7. Made for stability 

Weaknesses Of The Pelican Solo Kayak

1. Not meant for long-distance paddling

Frequently Asked Questions On The Pelican Solo Kayak

Q. How Do You Attach The Safety Flag?

The kayak doesn’t come with instructions on attaching the safety flag, but it is pretty straightforward. There’s a hole at the back of the boat where you stick the flag.

Q. What Is The Paddle Rest?

The paddle rest is an indentation on the kayak that keeps the paddle from falling or rolling over.


The pelican solo kayak is an excellent option for kids who are just starting kayaking. It is lightweight, stable, and comes with safety features. You will also not have to spend much to acquire this kayak since it is pretty inexpensive. Before buying this kayak, consider your kid’s weight to e sure that they won’t outgrow the kayak too soon. We hope this review is helpful to you as you look for the perfect kayak for your kid.


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