Pelican Sonic 80x Review 2023; (Price, Features, Specs, Strengths, And Weaknesses Included)

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The Pelican sonic 80x is a one-person sit-on-top kayak that is meant for recreational kayaking. It has a twin tunnel making it maneuverable, stable, and easy for beginners to master the skill of paddling. This kayak is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it a great beginner’s kayak. If you are looking for an affordable beginner kayak to help you learn to paddle, we highly recommend the Pelican sonic 80x.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are looking for a stable, lightweight, and compact kayak then Pelican Sonic 80x will be the best option for you
  • If you are planning to buy this kayak, then it will cost you $279. 98; this price is very reasonable if you consider the build quality and features of this kayak
  • This kayak is made from a rigid and high-quality RAM-X polyethylene material that makes it durable and able to withstand rough water
  • This kayak has a twin tunnel that improves the vessel’s maneuverability while making it stable

Who Is The Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak Meant For?

Who Is The Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak Meant For

The Pelican sonic 80x is an excellent kayak for beginner and intermediate-level paddlers. It is lightweight, thus easy to carry, and is designed for comfort and stability. The kayak is meant for the following user segments;

1. Beginners who are learning how to paddle

2. Small paddlers looking for a stable, lightweight, and compact kayak

3. Paddlers on a tight budget looking for performance in an affordable kayak

4. Paddlers looking for an open cockpit/sit-on-top kayak

5. Those looking to enjoy solo kayaking on a stable kayak

How Much Does The Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak Cost?

The Pelican sonic 80x kayak is available to buy for $279. 98. This is quite affordable, making the kayak ideal if you are starting. You don’t want to spend $1000 on your first kayak before knowing if you enjoy the activity.

Features Of The Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak

The Pelican sonic 80x kayak is a fun, and beginner-friendly kayak that comes with all the features a paddler might need to enjoy a comfortable adventure on the waters. Let’s have a look at these features in detail:

1. It Is Lightweight And Has Molded Carrying Handles For Easy Carrying

Every paddler enjoys having a kayak that is easy to carry to and from the water; this way, you can get on the water any time without extra help. The Pelican sonic 80x is lightweight and has handles to make your adventure smooth.

2. Made From Durable And High-Density Polyethylene

This kayak is made from a rigid and high-quality RAM-X polyethylene material that makes it durable and able to withstand whatever it may face. The material is also resistant to damage by UV rays.

3. Designed With An Open Cockpit And Twin Tunnel For Stability

This kayak’s hull design is made to guarantee comfort and easy paddling. It has a twin tunnel that improves the vessel’s maneuverability while making it stable. These features come in handy for a beginner since the kayak remains stable as you focus on paddling.

5. Has A Self-Bailing Design

The Pelican sonic 80x is self-bailing, meaning that it has holes on the floor to drain any water coming into the cockpit. This design ensures the paddler focuses on steering the boat without getting distracted by removing water manually.

6. Features An ERGOFORM Padded Backrest And Footrests For Comfort

Fatigue is unheard of when paddling on this kayak; it has a padded backrest to offer ample lumbar support. Even for a day-long paddling, your back will not experience any form of strain. The vessel also has molded footrests in different positions to give you a comfortable paddling position according to your height.

7. Has A Tank Well With A Bungee Cord To Facilitate Carrying Of Your Luggage With Ease

  Most beginner kayaks limit storage space, but the Pelican sonic 80x is an exception. The kayak has a tank well and bungee cords that hold your dry bags and other luggage in place as you paddle.

8. It Has A Drain Plug That Prevents Water Infiltration

Drain plugs come in handy to cover the drain holes, especially when paddling in relatively calm waters. You don’t want water infiltration, especially when the kayak cannot self-drain. 

Specifications Of The Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak

Brand Pelican 
MaterialRAM-X polyethylene
Weight 37 lb
Max capacity 225 lb.
Length8 ft
Seating capacityOne person
Color Orange 

How Does The Pelican Sonic 80x Perform On The Water?

The Pelican sonic 80x is an excellent kayak for novice paddlers to learn how to paddle. It is a stable and straightforward vessel that will not require much of your time to figure out. This section takes you through the kayak’s performance regarding comfort, stability, and tracking.


 The Pelican sonic 80x is comfortable enough for beginners and novice paddlers. This kayak doesn’t feature any high-end comfort features but what it has is sufficient. It comes with an ergo foam backrest that provides much-needed back support. It also has molded footrest where you can position your feet for comfortable paddling. 

The kayak is also self-bailing, making it more comfortable since the water that gets in is expelled without much hassle. One more feature that adds to the comfort of this kayak is its lightweight and molded carry handles that make it easy to transport to and from the water.


The Pelican sonic 80x is designed for ease of maneuverability. It is eight feet long, and this makes it maneuver easily and track excellently. Its hull design also helps the kayak to slice through the water with ease. This is the best kayak for those learning how to paddle since it is pretty straightforward, and its tracking is excellent.


This Pelican sonic 80x offers superior stability, which is one of the main reasons it is an excellent kayak for beginners. It is easy to get on and off the vessel without fear of toppling over. When on the water, the kayak remains stable, allowing you to focus on paddling.

Strengths Of Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak

1. Affordable and beginner-friendly

2. Easy to carry and lightweight

3. Comfortable with a backrest and molded footrest

4. Self-bailing and comes with drainplugs

5. Has ample storage with a bungee cord for all your essentials

6. Rigid and durable construction

Weaknesses Of Pelican Sonic 80x Kayak

1. It doesn’t come with a paddle 


If you are a beginner looking for an excellent first kayak, you might have considered the Pelican sonic 80x.  We recommend the vessel as your first kayak since it’s everything a beginner’s kayak should be. It is designed for simplicity and functionality and comes at a very affordable price. The kayak has excellent features that make it an ideal kayak for anyone learning how to paddle.  

For less than $300, the kayak is worth every penny you spend on it, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beginner’s kayak. Get yours and let us know how you like it.


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