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If you’ve been planning on taking your kids’ kayaking on another level, the Perception Hi-Five Kayak is the best choice for you. It exploits all the aspects of the renowned hi-life, based on the award-winning, original hi-life 11.0 design. It is made in Greenville, SC, USA. To ensure hours of amusement on the water, it has features like efficient easy-to-carry handles, ample standing surface, a ready-to-go solo mount accessory recess, paddle rest, and a swim-up deck. 

Key Takeaways

  • This kayak is a first-of-a-kind kayak that is a high-performing, high-quality hybrid built precisely for kids and comes with the right paddle size for kids
  • You can use this kayak on calm coastal waters, ponds, and lakes
  • The compact design of this kayak insures you can easily carry this kayak at the back of your SUV
  • This kayak has a large front deck area and which makes this kayak perfect for kids to paddle while standing
  • This kayak comes with a kid-sized, high-quality kayak paddle

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Customer Rating By Features:

4.7 out of 5 stars.

1. Great quality 4.5

2. Stable 4.5

3. Light 4.3


1. On the water, it is very steady.

2. It can effortlessly fit in the back of your SUV.

3. It is designed for kids.

4. Can peg on another kayak. Suppose your kids want to follow you around or get tired paddling; you can attach the kayak to your own. 

5. For easy access after jumping or falling off, it has a small deck at the back.  

6. Perfect for kids to paddle while standing, it has a large front deck area.

7. Great for gear storage or deck due to its rear swim-up deck that eases climbing on board.


1. Drain plugs are not included.

2. Inappropriate for tall people.

3. If you have more than one kid onboard or an energetic one, the kayak is challenging to be kept dry.

4. Though durable, plastic feels cheap.


1. Easy to exit for a quick dip and re-board through the rear swim deck platform.

2. Ensuring maximum stability and safety, it has a kid-tested design that is safe and stable.

3. It allows lockable storage through its molded-in rear handles.

4. Facilitates drill-less accessory mounting options through the solo mount accessory recess that is sold separately.

5. It includes a kid-sized kayak paddle that is made of high quality.

6. Providing storage when taking a break or swimming, it has a molded-in paddle rest.

7. It typically covers ages 5-14 or up to 120 lbs as it offers room to grow. But the age range will depend on the level of skill of the individual paddler and his/her size. 

8. Children can paddle either sitting or standing due to the wide dimension that makes it very stable.

9. You can add solo-mount accessories, deck pads, and paddle leashes and tethers compatible because it is upgradeable.

Perception Hi-Five Kayak Specifications:

ColorDéjà vu
Package weight11.79 Kilograms
Boat length6 inches
Width 24 inches
Height 8 inches
Weight limit120 pounds
Model year2020
Warranty descriptionFive years
Material Single-layer polythene
Suggested usersUnisex teens
Components includedKids kayak and a paddle
Appropriate forThe outdoor lifestyle, kayaking, and boating

1. Built For Fun:

With a unique rear swim deck, the hi-five kayak is intended for fun. This provides an easy re-board and a perfect platform to exit for a quick dip.

2. Inclusive Of A Kid-Sized Paddle:

Making it easier to handle than a standard-sized paddle, the kid-sized hi-five paddle has a narrower shaft and smaller blades that are impeccable for smaller hands. This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying a paddle with you. 

3. Elevated Seat:

the elevated seat creates the perfect place for kids to paddle, Offering a contoured design.

4. Molded Footrests:

Perfect for any size of kids, it is not necessary for any modifications. This kayak is built to last them for many years in as much as they grow fast. 

5. Sleek Design:

With its glossy design and catchy bright color shades, your kid will be able to see it regardless of the distance. It will be adorable with different colors and, at the same time, cool for him to kayak with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is The Perception Hi-Five Kayak Inflatable?

Have you been wondering whether this kayak is a pump-up? Worry no more because we have the answer. This is a molded plastic kayak made of one piece, with air abysses making it afloat. Therefore, it is not an inflatable type of kayak.

2. To Fit This Kayak, Is There A Backrest Or A Seat That Can Be Purchased?

Of course, one could be added if you have more than one kid who would love to enjoy the kayaking experience. However, it was not set up with attachment points for a clip-in style Sit on Top Seat. You’ll need a seat like the Harmony Standard Seat and deck loops secured to the deck of the kayak.

3. For The First Foot Positions, How Far Are They From The Seatback?

It is approximately 24 inches, the distance from the middle of the seat to the first position of the footrests. It reflects where most paddlers will center their torso. That’s the reason we measure from this location to the seat.

4. Is It Mainly For Younger Kids, Or Can It Fit A Long Skinny 12-Year-Old, About 90 lbs? 

It works well for kids starting from five years old to fourteen years old. But the minimum weight it can accommodate is 21 lbs and the maximum capacity of 120 lbs. They can stand on it like a paddleboard as well, and that’s the favorite thing about the kayak. 

5. When It Will Be Used As A Stand-Up Paddleboat, Does The Paddle Have A Different Attachment? Having Blades On Both Ends Would Be Weird.

It doesn’t have an extension attachment to make it long enough to be used while standing, as it comes apart.

6. Where Should You Go Kayaking With Your Kid After Getting The Perception Hi-Five Kayak?

This will significantly depend on their ability and enthusiasm. On a calm water body like rivers or lakes, young beginners will be more comfortable kayaking. It is the best location to practice their balances, paddles, maneuvers, and the like. You may then be more willing to venture to bigger and open water bodies as soon as your kid has better kayaking skills and is more confident. Avoid water with waves and strong currents while considering your child’s safety. When riding on choppy waters, train your child to be more vigilant. 

7. What Is The Required Minimum Age Before Taking Your Kid To Kayak In A Perception Hi-Five Kayak?

According to the U.S Coast Guards, five years old is the minimum age required for your kid to enjoy kayaking activity with you in a perception hi-five kayak. They’re also needed to float in the water with a weight of at least 18 pounds. They should not be out on the water if they cannot wear a floatation device properly. As they are more prone to sickness when exposed to natural elements, you need to consider the weather before letting them go on a kayak. 

8. What Should The Kids Wear When Out Kayaking In A Perception Hi-Five Kayak?

Dress them in waterproof, comfortable, and water-resistant clothing and select bright-colored clothes to make them quickly warm and dry. To prevent them from sickness, wear them in a hut, sunscreen, and bug spray depending on the season. Ensure their floatation device is secure fit with a snug for safety in case of accidents. Buy one for them as it is required by the law, for your child’s welfare.

9. Is The Solo Mount Included When Purchasing A Perception Hi-Five Kayak?

Before proceeding with your purchase, please bear in mind that you’ll be required to purchase the solo mount separately. Capable of attaching either solo mount, the perception hi-five kayak is molded with recess. 


During the day, kayaking can be a pleasurable and appealing activity for your kids. Having fun on the water, I’m sure they will love to pour their energy into paddling. It involves strength and endurance, and if you’d want to wear off their energy, it is the best alternative in as much as it is beneficial for them. The perception hi-five kayak certainly tops the list, in addition to being safe and fun. You can get them directly on Amazon, and they’ll be delivered to you at your address without the need to visit their local store.

In conclusion, perception hi-five kayaks are the best, considering all the features and specifications. This is a kayak that every kid would wish to enjoy their entire kayaking experience. It is upgradeable and of unsurpassed quality for your kids’ entire childhood. Hurry, grab one for them, and you’ll undoubtedly be happy you got it. Good luck!


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