Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area | A Kayaking Paradise

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Santa Fe Dam is based in San Gabriel Valley and offers a lot of water activities on the lovely waters of the pristine lake. Facing in the vicinity of the San Gabriel mountains, the location is equipped with all of the basic facilities, including the snacks bar, and thus offers the best weekend spot for family members. Along with all of these features, this location of Santa Fe Dam holds a good number of recommendations from kayak lovers out there.

Santa Fe Dam Google Map

There are several reasons why this location should be selected for Kayaking, and the following elucidate those: –

1. The very location of the recreation park not only houses the best scenic beauty but also the required resources and water conditions for making the overall kayaking experience a memorable one.

2. The availability of different kinds of kayaking boats depends upon the ergonomic build of the riders and thus offers them the right amount of choices to go for the ones that can be convenient for them.  

3. Good amounts in terms of the discounts offered for booking the kayaks can make the entire budget go well within the economic limits and offer the best experiences with those 

4. A good number of packages available for both family members as well as the near ones in Santa Fe dam that can count toward the everlasting memories of the individual 

5. Customizations are allowed in the bookings of the kayaks for this site and hence the location is more inclined towards the former rather than going for standardized choices. 

6. Maintains all of the safety features required during the entire sport and ensures that the same does not get compromised for its clients 


Booking the best packages for kayaking has been now made easy in this age of the internet. All the clients need to do is either write down an email to the registered email address of the location, stating their requirements and receiving the quotes as per it, or go for direct slot booking from the website as per the timings mentioned. The payment can either be done fully in advance by online mode or in installments at the discretion of the team.  

Address: 15501 Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA 91706, USA
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 AM
Phone: +1 626-334-1065

Hence, all-in-one booking of the slots in Santa Fe dam would be worth the investment for every penny and etch the best memories forever of life. 



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