Kayak Shipping Costs For FedEx, Forward Air, CKS, And DHL (Covered With Facts)

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The kayak shipping cost mostly depends on the size and weight of your kayak as well as where it needs to go. The most important part of this process is finding out if you have any crating or packing materials from where you bought your kayak or from home; because these can make packing much easier and faster for both you and the carrier.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of shipping a kayak via plane starts from $180 and it will increase depending on the destination, size, and weight of the kayak
  • If you are planning to ship your kayak via DHL then the shipping cost could range from $0-$500
  • The shipping cost of “Forward AIR” can be very expensive but they have an insurance policy so, if your kayak is damaged during the transportation you will be refunded
  • You can ship a small playboat with FedEx and it will cost you only $45
shipping a kayak cost

Shipping can be done via ground or air carrier. The difference in price is largely due to the distance and whether or not the carrier needs to travel over water or use an inland route without water crossings.

Shipping a kayak can be an expensive affair which is why many people are opting to have it shipped by freight carrier. However, companies such as U-Haul have installed an exclusive program for their customers that offers them the opportunity to ship their vehicles and kayaks with them.

When you ship your kayak with U-Haul you will not only receive discounted rates but also better service. The U-Haul People Mover System will move your vehicle and the items on it while the Vehicle Transport System will take care of your kayaks. You don’t have to worry about any damage since they offer insurance coverage for your items during transport.

Shipping Kayaks Cost Via CKS

A kayak can be shipped to its destination by car or truck. It can also be shipped via plane. The cost of shipping a kayak via plane starts at $180 and goes up from there depending on factors like the weight and size of the item being shipped.

1. CKS ships kayaks & other oversized packages through Bongo International

2. For $15/month minimum for 3 months, you’ll save on freight.

3. You’ll also save up to $300 off shipping!

4. We package your kayak in 3 layers of protection (cheesecloth, felt, & ship wrap)

5. Add 2″ of width, height, and length to compensate for the packaging.

Shipping Kayaks Costs Via DHL

Shipping kayaks costs vary depending on the size and weight of the kayak.

Shipping kayaks can cost anywhere from $0-$500, depending on if it is a large or small kayak. When shipping a larger kayak, a forklift will be required to unload and load the shipment. If you need to ship both small and large kayaks, you can use DHL’s Flat Rate shipping for $399 with no additional surcharges for freight, handling, or processing.

Did you know that DHL offers free storage when shipping your items? You’ll be able to store your items at their facility for 14 days before they are picked up by DHL for delivery.

1. Basic rates usually start at $55 for packages under 7’7″

2. Packages over that length are considerably more expensive

3. Takes the hassle out of getting a moving quote from several different companies.

4. Get a quote that is tailored to your specific needs and budget.

5. All quotes are guaranteed, so you can feel confident in your decision.

6. A lightweight, all-in-one solution to your bike transportation needs.

7. Works both with cars and boats, so you don’t need any additional gear.

Kayak Shipping Costs Via Forward AIR

Shipping costs can be very expensive. In order to cut down on the cost of shipping, some end up using Forward Air.

Forward Air is a trucking company that specializes in hauling freight from major airports to businesses and residences. It has 4,000-plus employees and more than 250 planes at its disposal. It has also been in operation since 1994 so it has plenty of experience with logistics and freight transportation.

1. Shipping is calculated and priced according to a simple weight-based formula which makes it easy for you to calculate the cost of shipping.

2. If there’s any damage to your purchase, forward air will cover all costs.

3. If you’re looking to save a buck and won’t notice the difference in quality, then forward air is your best bet.

4. Shipping is super fast – fully trackable and guaranteed.

5. Pay with cash or money order.

6. Shipping time is about the same as dhl.

7. Confluence Kayaks will ship your boat using Forward Air.

8. With the ship and boat wrapping services, you’ll be able to save time and make your boat look like new with minimal effort

9. Forget about spending hours searching for the right ribbons or wrapping paper. We package your boat and make it look majestic.

10. They take care of the hard parts for you with a pre-wrapped boat for you

11. It reduces the cost of getting a boat wrapped forward air is a great option too. They ship out of Denver to any of their major hubs, shipping is based on weight so anywhere from 45-60 dollars. I have used them several times and have no problems at all.

Kayak Shipping Costs Via FedEx

FedEx has a variety of shipping options for its clients. The company offers standard shipping, ground service, and international service with the help of its offices across the globe.

The ground service is relatively cheap and the most popular option for FedEx customers. It is best used when time is less important than cost or if you are sending items weighing less than 150 pounds. The international shipping service offers a wide range of services for international shipments.

FedEx also has an online portal that allows you to ship items up to 150 pounds in weight around the globe in just a few clicks! You can get quotes and rates as well as access to open rates from your computer or mobile device!

1. You can ship a small playboat with Fedex for only about $45.

2. All you have to do is put in the dimensions, print out the label, tape it on, and drop it off at Kinkos or wherever.

3. Has worked for others

4. Ship playboats with FedEx

5. Fast and cheap shipping rates

6. No need for any of the hassles that come with other carriers


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