The Best Sit-In Fishing Kayaks Reviewed For 2023

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A Sit-in type of kayak is a great option for activities like kayak fishing. This is because this type of kayak is narrower for better maneuvering and yet they are very stable. Stability is very important for an excellent kayak fishing experience. Moreover, this type of kayak has more storage space compared to other types of kayaks. It means you can carry all the kayak fishing gear with you.

There are plenty of choices on the market, but I opted for a sit-inside kayak due to a number of reasons. If you’re having a hard time choosing which product is for you, then my reviews of the best sit-inside fishing kayaks will help you. Let’s check them out.

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My 7 Picks Of The Best Sit-Inside Kayaks For 2022

1. Pelican Recreational Performance Sit-in Kayak (Best Lightweight Sit-In Kayak)

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Seating Capacity1-Person

The Pelican sprint XR is a lightweight recreational performance sit-in kayak. More features are below- 

1. The Deep V Chine Hull on the SPRINT 120XR ensures improved secondary stability so it can handle choppy conditions with ease. This hull shape also provides better responsiveness to shifts in body weight and position for an easier rowing technique while returning more power with less effort.

2. To avoid detection by large predators, a built-in keel extension will provide better tracking for anglers and kayakers.

3. The SPRINT 120XR kayak is very easy to navigate and carry around, with the 41 lb carrying weight. It includes a spacious storage area to accommodate your equipment, which you can lock away when you’re done with it, and the stern bulk.

4. RAM-X PREMIUM is the best way to go for businesses looking for a firm yet lightweight material. The top layer of advanced resin in the pad provides more rigidity without any impacts on weight while still allowing for a maximum capacity of 325 lb.

5. For those who enjoy the thrill of deep-sea fishing, shipwreck diving, or exploring new worlds and being one with nature, then this kayak is perfect for you.

2. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

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MaterialHard Shell
Seating Capacity1-Person

Spend time on the water in an exhilarating way with the Sun Dolphin Excursion kayak which is designed ruggedly to make it suitable for tracking on lakes and streams. The Sun Dolphin tracks well on the water’s surface and has exceptional maneuverability.

The best thing about the Excursion is that it is lightweight which makes it easy to go to fishing hotspots. It can also withstand heavy usage, hence saving you on maintenance and servicing costs. Its stability makes you comfortable and you do not need to worry about slow-moving rivers.

Wins & Fails

1. Big comfy sitting area with adaptable padded seat and flexible foot braces

2. Lightweight and easy to carry

3. Comes with a swivel and two flush mount rod holders

4. Restricts some of your movements making it difficult to fish while standing

3. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

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Seating Capacity1-Person

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is a quality kayak that comes with a comfy open cockpit that is ideal for river and lake tracks. It features multiple storage compartments that give you ample room to store your gear and accessories. This makes it a great kayak for those seeking a quality kayak to enjoy a ride with.

The best thing about Aruba is its paddle leash, adjustable foot braces, adjustable embellished seat, and protective thigh cushions that allow for great comfort while on the ride. This makes it ideal for someone who’s looking to gain kayaking experience while having fun at the same time. As it’s made of durable Fortiflex material, it will surely last for years.

Wins & Fails

1. Bulky open cockpit with a bendable embellished seat with high back support

2. Ample storage space with a shock cord deck rigging

3. Carrying handles for stress-free portage

4. Fitting storage hatch and water bottle pouch

5. The bottom of the seat is not embellished

6. Foot braces cannot put up long legs

​4. ​Lifetime Payette Sit Inside Kayak

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Seating Capacity1-Person

The Lifetime Payette kayak is best suited for tough conditions as it is made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene which enables it to withstand a variety of conditions. Its cockpit is fairly large, and it also comes with a comfortable seat. It has a storage hatch on the back which lets you stack away your gear safely. Its performance is also enough to enjoy amazing tracking.

The best thing about the Lifetime Payette is that despite its toughness, it still maintains decent weight which makes it easy to use for recreational purposes. The hull has a firm flat bottom as well as padding channels and stable chine railings.

Wins & Fails

1. Large cockpit and comfortable backrest

2. Durable and impact resistant

3. Features front and rear handles that make it easy to transport

4. The footrests are not adjustable

5. No thigh pads in the cockpit edge

5. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak

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BrandOld Town Canoes & Kayaks
Seating Capacity1-Person

The Vapor 10 is a compact solo kayak that comes with a lot of amazing features which makes it great for quiet water rides on ponds and slow-moving streams. It is made of single-layer linear polyethylene which is highly durable. It also comes with an adjustable Flex padded seat and a cockpit rim paddle rest that ensures you remain comfortable throughout your ride.

What makes the Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak great is its large cockpit opening which is engineered for a relaxed yet reassuring experience. The cockpit opening is ample enough to allow entrance and exit and for easy movement of your legs. It offers stable yet efficient tracking. The Vapor 10 is a bit pricey, but it lives up to its price with its great water flexibility, capacity, and legroom.

Wins & Fails

1. Molded-in cockpit tray with water holder

2. Built-in carry handles

3. Equipped with an adjustable Flex seat and Glide track foot brace technology

4. Lacks a watertight compartment

5. Can be challenging to board on a high deck

6. Perception Flash 9.5 (Best Sit Inside Kayak For All Fishing Skill Levels)

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BrandPerception Kayaks
Seating Capacity1-Person

1. With a length of 9’6″, a deck height of 12.5″, and a weight capacity of 325 lbs, the Perception Flash 9.5 kayak is perfect for paddlers looking for an affordable and lightweight sit-in fishing kayak.

2. The Perception Flash 9.5 is a new, easy-to-paddle kayak created in the United States. It’s ideal for all skill levels, from beginner to experienced paddlers.

3. While the benefit of proportional control is that you can make adjustments quickly, the benefit of a joystick is that it offers straight tracking.

4. The cockpit for the kayak is spacious and comfortable, which makes it easy to enter and exit.

5. The ergonomic design on the kayak seatback and cushion in this kayak allows you to be more comfortable on your errands. Regardless of how long it is, you will have the support needed to make it a more relaxing experience.

6. Adjustable foot braces allow paddlers of any size to use the equipment properly.

7. Rent modern storage units quickly and reliably with an easy-access dashboard

8. Now you can conveniently store your fishing gear with these molded-in rod holders. Never lose your rod again!

7. Perception Joyride 12 (Best Sit-in Fishing Kayak For Lakes/Rivers)

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BrandPerception Kayaks
Seating Capacity1-Person

The Perception Joyride 12 kayak has a boat length of 12′, a width of 27-1/4′, and a weight of 54 lbs. It can safely transport up to 350 lbs. More features as below-

1. On the perception Joyride 12.0 kayak, you get to live the dream and experience a lifestyle of an adventurous traveler as you glide through the waters. This kayak is made in the USA and provides unparalleled performance in different types of water conditions.

2. This kayak seat is made out of a high-quality material that ensures excellent durability and has thick, ventilated padding for optimal comfort.

3. Adjustable footrests are a must-have for anyone paddling because they offer a comfortable experience regardless of your size.

4. Keep your drink cool and handy with the Drink Holder for your kayak.

5. Selfie Slot is an invention that helps you set up your phone for viewing and capturing photos while on a water ride, so you don’t miss out on the experience.

6. A storage hatch is an important component of a boat. It keeps our items safe and secure when we are on the water. With a hinged lid, it can also act as a bench seat for two people!

7. The dual Mount Points on the Roof Rack Tray allow you to attach a range of RAM accessories without the need to drill into your vehicle.

8. You can categorize water into four types: lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal and open ocean.

Things You Need to Consider before buying Sit-In Fishing Kayaks

There are several things you need to consider before buying Sit-In Fishing Kayaks. The width, depth, and length of the kayak will affect how much weight it can carry. Sit-in kayaks are great for fishing because they allow you to fish from them. You should also consider the material of your kayak and its durability if you plan on going through rougher waters.

1. Kayak Seat:

There are many different styles of kayaks, but the most popular is the sit-in style. This type of kayak is the best for beginners because it’s easier to get in and out of, and it’s more stable.

The first thing you’ll notice about a sit-in kayak is the seat. The seat sits on top of an open compartment that holds your legs while your feet rest on foot braces or pegs that are attached to either side of the kayak. Your back will be against a backrest as you glide through calm waters or rough seas.

2. Footrests Of Sit In Kayak

Footrests are an important accessory for kayakers. They provide the lower body with relief from the paddling position. Footrests make kayaking an enjoyable experience and they are necessary for longer trips in open water.

Footrests come in different shapes, sizes, and features. You should consider buying one that suits your needs and preferences. When you buy a footrest, make sure it is comfortable, sturdy enough to hold you or your partner’s weight, and durable enough to last for years of use.

As with paddle selection, footrest selection is highly personal. However, there are some general guidelines that will help you get the right one: find a desk that is not too wide or too deep; find a desk with no sharp edges; find a level surface where it can be placed.

3. Hull Material And Type Of Build

A kayak’s hull is the material that makes up its exterior outside of the center cockpit. There are two types of hulls, plastic, and composite. Plastics are less expensive and more durable than composites, which are lighter in weight but more expensive.

Some people may prefer a kayak with a composite hull for their personal preference of style, while others may want plastic because it’s cheaper. Either way, you can find a type of kayak that will suit your needs and budget.

4. Deck Material And Type Of Build

A kayak’s deck material and build type will also affect its performance in different ways. For example, a closed deck on a hardshell kayak will provide more protection from sun and rain because it has no holes in it but if you want to store things inside your kayak then an open deck would be better.

Cockpit size is another thing that will affect how well your boat performs. A smaller cockpit would make paddling easier because there is less distance to reach the end of the paddle while a larger cockpit would make it more difficult.

5. Length And Width Of Kayak

The ideal Sit in Kayak Length and Width for a first-time buyer would be an oceangoing kayak. Such kayaks have more room to stretch out your legs, extra storage space for gear, and most importantly they are generally considered more stable than their recreational counterparts.

The length of the kayak is usually measured in feet and ranges from 12-16ft. The width of the kayak is typically about a foot wider than the height of the boat, which is measured across the deck.

6. Kayak Weight Capacity, Load Limits, And Load Range

The ideal sit-in kayak weight capacity is no more than the weight of the user plus 250 pounds. This is important to know so you do not exceed this weight limit and risk your boat sinking.

The load limits are also important to consider when choosing a kayak. The average load limit is 350 pounds, but some models can hold up to 500 pounds. If you know you will need to carry an additional passenger, then it is best to go with a model that has a higher maximum load limit as opposed to risking your boat sinking or tipping over.

Lastly, the load range can be either handles or straps and they hold the kayak in place on top of your car or truck bed so it does not slide around during transport. They should be about 20% of the total weight of the kayak.

7. Pricing: Price is an important consideration when buying any product, but it is especially important when you buy a fishing kayak because it can be expensive. You should find a quality product that fits your budget before making a purchase.

Sit-In Kayaking Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

A list of Sit-inside kayak safety tips for safe, fun times on the water.
– Buy a high-quality, well-built, and well-maintained kayak that is the right size and weight for you.
– Every kayaker should know how to perform a self-rescue to get back into their boat if they capsize.
– Always wear a personal flotation device and carry a spare.
– Before you set off, learn about the area you will be paddling in, including what hazards might be present and what the weather is likely to be like.
– Always wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
– Never kayak alone, especially if you don’t know the area.


What Is A Sit In Fishing Kayak?

A Sit-In Fishing Kayak is a specialized kayak that lets you bring your fishing gear with you, and provides the stability of a kayak with the sit-in comfort of an ordinary fishing boat.

A Sit-In Fishing Kayak is a relatively new innovation in the world of kayaks. For years people have been forced to choose between paddling out to their favorite fishing spot in one type of boat or towing their kayaks behind them for hours in another. With this new design, fishermen can now enjoy the best of both worlds: stability and mobility.

The cockpit has been designed to feel small and traditional, but don’t let its size fool you. The Sit-in kayak has ample room for all your fishing gear and storage space while still being stable enough to paddle upstream.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kayak Sit Inside?

1. The seat is adjustable, so they are comfortable. Traditional kayaks have a hard seat that can be uncomfortable.

2. No need for a skirt or spray skirt. With sit-in kayaks, this protective layer is already built-in for you!

3. There’s no need to learn rolling because there’s no way to flip over with a sit-in kayak – meaning you can stay on the water for hours!

4. It’s much easier to get into and out of (less physically constrained) of the kayak.

5. Sit-in kayaks provide very good initial stability and secondary stability when leaned

6. Sit-in kayaks offer a ton of storage options

7. Sit-in kayaks are easier to use for beginners and faster than traditional kayaks  

8. You can use a sit-in kayak on calm waters or even in an ocean with waves  A sit-in kayak is easier to maneuver in narrow passages and through shallow water  

9. Fishing is fun in a sit-in kayak.

What Is The Average Cost Of Sit In Kayaks?

The average price of a sit-in kayak is around $500-$2,000

What Is The Average Capacity Of Sit Inside Kayaks?

The average capacity of a sit-inside kayak is about 125 pounds and ranges between 12-14 feet long.

When Would A Sit Inside Be A Better Option For Kayak Fishing?

A sit-inside kayak is an excellent choice for fishermen who want a boat that is:

1. Durable – Sitting inside the kayak means that there are no spines or ribs to break.

2. Stable – The wide beam of the kayak makes it more stable on water than a narrow one.

3. Maneuverable – A sit-inside kayak can be maneuvered in tight spaces and through shallow waters.

4. Quieter – Fishermen can keep their gear on the deck of the kayak, meaning that there is less noise when they are paddling or fishing.

Sit-In VS. Sit-On-Top: Which Is Better For Kayak Fishing?

Sitting in a kayak is the most common way to fish, but sometimes it is not the best option. Sit-on-top kayaks can offer more stability and control than sitting in a traditional kayak.

Being able to stand while fishing is one of the most practical benefits of a sit-on-top kayak. This means that you are not confined to one position when fishing. You can also use your legs and fins for added stabilization if needed.

A sit-on-top kayak can offer more stability and control, especially if you are always on the move or want to get as close as possible to the waterline without getting wet.

That means if you are an experienced angler and have been fishing for a couple of years; then a Sit-In Kayak will give you more flexibility and comfort. For a beginner, you should double-check the comparisons and specs of all the kayaks above.

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