Sit In Fishing Kayak Reviewed For 2020

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As a kayaking enthusiast, I can say one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling kayaking activities is fishing. However, fishing on a kayak is actually a lot different than the normal fishing you see in boats. Therefore, I made sure to equip myself with all the necessary gears, and of course, my own fishing kayak.

There are plenty of choices on the market, but I opted for a sit-inside kayak due to a number of reasons. If you’re having a hard time choosing which product is for you, then my reviews of the best sit-inside fishing kayaks will help you. Let’s check them out.

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Top 7 Sit In Kayaks of 2020

My 7 Picks of the Best Sit-Inside Kayaks

The Vapor 10 is a compact solo kayak that comes with a lot of amazing features which makes it great for quiet water rides on ponds and slow-moving streams. It is made of a single-layer linear polyethylene that is highly durable. It also comes with an adjustable Flex padded seat and a cockpit rim paddle-rest that ensures you remain comfortable throughout your ride.

What makes the Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak great is its large cockpit opening which is engineered for a relaxed yet reassuring experience. The cockpit opening is ample enough to allow entrance and exit and for easy movement of your legs. It offers a stable yet efficient tracking. The Vapor 10 is a bit pricey, but it lives up to its price with its great water flexibility, capacity, and legroom.


  • Molded-in cockpit tray with water holder
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Equipped with an adjustable Flex seat and Glide track foot brace technology 


  • Lacks a watertight compartment
  • Can be challenging to board on a high deck

Spend time on the water in an exhilarating way with the Sun Dolphin Excursion kayak which is designed ruggedly to make it suitable for tracking on lakes and streams. The Sun Dolphin tracks well on the water surface and has an exceptional maneuverability.

The best thing about the Excursion is that it is lightweight which makes it easy to go to fishing hotspots. It can also withstand heavy usage, hence saving you on maintenance and servicing costs. Its stability makes you comfortable that you do not need to worry about slow moving rivers.


  • Big comfy sitting area with adaptable padded seat and flexible foot braces
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a swivel and two flush mount rod holders


  • Restricts some of your movements making it difficult to fish while standing

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is a quality kayak that comes with a comfy open cockpit that is ideal for river and lake tracking. It features multiple storage compartments that give you ample room to store your gear and accessories. This makes it a great kayak for those seeking a quality kayak to enjoy a ride with.

The best thing about the Aruba is its paddle leash, adjustable foot braces, adjustable embellished seat, and protective thigh cushions that allow for great comfort while on the ride. This makes it ideal for someone who’s looking to gain kayaking experience while having fun at the same time. As it’s made of a durable Fortiflex material, it will surely last for years.


  • Bulky open cockpit with a bendable embellished seat with high back support
  • Ample storage space with a shock cord deck rigging
  • Carrying handles for stress-free portage
  • Fitting storage hatch and water bottle pouch


  • The bottom of the seat is not embellished
  • Foot braces cannot put up long legs

The Lifetime Payette kayak is best suited for tough conditions as it is made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene which enables it to withstand a variety of conditions. Its cockpit is fairly large, and it also comes with a comfortable seat. It has a storage hatch on the back which lets you stack away your gear safely. Its performance is also enough to enjoy amazing tracking.

The best thing about the Lifetime Payette is that despite its toughness, it still maintains decent weight which makes it easy to use for recreational purposes. The hull has a firm flat bottom as well as padding channels and stability chine railings.


  • Large cockpit and comfortable backrest
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Features front and rear handles that make it easy to transport


  • The food rests are not adjustable
  • No thigh pads in the cockpit edge

The eMotion Glide Sport Angler sit-inside kayak is a cost-effective and lightweight fishing kayak. Its hull is engineered to increase its stability. Bow and stern pressure straps help secure your gear. It comes with an added efficiency that enables it to maneuver even the tightest fishing spots. The eMotion Glide comes with adjustable built-in seats that provide convenience.

What makes the eMotion Glide Sport Angler great is its bangy paddle holder that makes the shift from paddling to fishing easier. Lastly, it comes with bulky adjustable foot braces for comfort and durability.


  • Dual rod holders allow multiple rod fishing
  • Affordable
  • Front and rear toggle handles make it easy to carry and transport


  • It can be a bit difficult to get in and out of
  • It’s all open which can lead to everything getting wet in case it rolls over

The Third Coast Huron fishing kayak is bound to make your next fishing expedition even fancier. It features a distinct and innovative seat design that comprises two types of cushions: one for optimal back support and another for coziness.

The best thing about it is its hull which is engineered for optimal stability and performance, thus allowing the Huron to trail effortlessly in a variety water sporting events. Its tracking is top notch, and despite the wider body, it can glide with ease. It features hatches with removable bags for easy access, bungees, and a stern bulkhead that is perfect for storing your gears and accessories.


  • Affordable
  • Features cushioned carrying handles
  • Tracks well and is reasonably fast
  • Comes with an adjustable seat with pull straps


  • Difficult to learn to maneuver
  • Weighs more than other kayaks of similar size

The Pungo 120 features a remarkable balance of manageability, stability, speed, and comfort. It has a sufficient storage capacity and paddles pleasantly on lakes and slow-moving streams, thus making it a great platform for both fishing and cruising around for fun and leisure.

 What is great about the Wilderness Pungo is that it is super lightweight which makes it easy to put on top of the truck or carry long distances to the kayaking site.  Its slide-lock foot brace system enables thigh and knee padding which ensures optimal padding and all-out comfort. It is also super stable which makes it suitable for first-timers.


  • Has a roomy cockpit which provides extra room for easy movement
  • Comes with a portable kayak console for extra storage space and convenience
  • Allows customization of your seating position resulting in great comfort
  • Softer edges that contour to thighs, relieving stress points that prevent your legs from numbing


  • Not ideal for long portaging

What to Consider when Buying a Sit-Inside Kayak for Fishing? 

More anglers are increasingly choosing kayaks over powerboats given their affordability, low cost of operation, ease of transport, stealth and equipment options. The following are the considerations you should take into account when looking for a sit-inside kayak for fishing purposes.

  • Type

Kayak types include the folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks. Folding kayaks offer easy handling and storage. They are ideal if you are constrained in terms of space such as if you live in an apartment or are planning a trip to a remote location. Inflatable kayaks also offer storage space savings. They are also astonishingly robust and nifty, making them ideal for wavy waters.

  • Category

You will typically choose from three different categories: recreational, day touring, and touring. The recreational kayak is reasonably priced, stable, simple to operate, and very easy to get in and out of. It’s ideal for flatwater activities or on meandering rivers. However, it’s not good for longer trips and unstill waters.

Day touring kayaks are sleeker and can move more efficiently compared to recreational kayaks. They also give you more control in unstill waters. However, they are pricier. Touring kayaks are suited for riding over distances. They track well and have a tiller to mitigate strong winds and currents.

  • Stability

The stability of a sit-inside kayak will be determined by a number of factors including its width and depth. A wider kayak will be more stable, although it might be relatively slow compared to a narrower one. In terms of depth, a deeper kayak will be more affected by currents and winds.

  • Transportability

A sit in fishing kayak with more features will be considerably heavier. Ensure that you understand how you will transport the kayak before committing to purchase. For instance, if you will be moving it in the bed of your truck, you will need a medium size that can easily fit. Otherwise, you might require to buy a trailer for moving your kayak.

  • Materials

A lighter kayak will be easier to transport and get up to speed. It will also allow you to carry more gear because the boat takes up less weight capacity. The weight of the kayak is dependent on the materials that it is made of.

Kayaks manufactured from lighter weight materials will be considerably pricier. Usually, they are made of either polyethene plastic, ABS plastic, or composites. Kayaks made of polyethene plastic will be heavier and degrade faster, although they are inexpensive. Those made of ABS plastic will be costlier as they are slightly lighter. Meanwhile, those made of composites (fiberglass and ultralight carbon fiber) will be pricier but offer a huge leap in performance.

  • Size

Another important factor to take into consideration is the length and overall size of your kayak. The general rule here is that the lengthier and narrower the kayak, the faster and more efficient it will be to ride. Meanwhile, wider kayaks are more stable but slower. Therefore, those starting out may probably go for the wider kayaks since they are more stable, albeit slower.

  • Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is the sum total of the boat’s weight, your gear and accessories, as well as your own weight. This is an important consideration, particularly when tracking long distances. Overloading your kayak might negatively affect your tracking efficiency by causing the kayak to sit too low in the water.

  • Seats

A good and comfortable seat can considerably inflate the price of the kayak. However, it might be a good investment depending on the amount of time that you will be spending on the seat. You might want to invest in a seat that is more flexible, padded, and features an ergonomic design to avoid back pains or any discomfort.

Other Considerations

  • Ensure that you take your height into account, the width of the kayak, and your paddling style. You can confirm with your dealer to help with the calculations regarding these important variables.
  • Ensure an adequate cockpit size that will give you more control and safety in harsh conditions. A bigger cockpit will also make it easy to get in and out of the kayak.
  • It might be important to also consider the color of your kayak. For instance, if you will be using it in waters crisscrossed by fast-moving powerboats, a brightly colored one might keep you safe by ensuring that you remain highly visible.
  • Make sure that the kayak has adequate space to keep accessories that will make your fishing more enjoyable.
  • Other key considerations include accessories such as rudders and drop down fins to help keep your kayak on the course and mitigate the effects of currents. A rudder is a fin whose angle can be continuously adjusted to changing conditions when you are tracking to ensure that you do not deviate from your course.

Tips When Fishing Using a Sit-Inside Kayak 

Fishing out of a sit-inside kayak is different from fishing on a boat. This is mainly because you are closer to the water inside a little less stable platform while seated. All these factors require an approach that slightly differs from when angling from a boat. The following guide will provide you with tips to address some of these challenges.

  • Learn to cast using one hand – casting with one hand will require you to use baitcasting and gearing up accordingly.  For instance, you can opt to use lighter combos instead of the overly heavy flipping stick.
  • Learn to paddle with one hand – efficient kayak fishing requires skills in handling a paddle with one hand which will allow you to fish and paddle at the same time. You can achieve this by locking the shaft of your paddle alongside a forearm which will enable you to use it like a canoe paddle. 
  • Don’t be afraid to anchor – while they may be cumbersome, anchors can be ideal when kayak fishing, especially during adverse conditions when you might prefer to stay in one area.
  • Paddle near the shoreline – paddling near the shoreline allows you to paddle more efficiently as the winds and currents are mitigated by shoreline vegetation and structures.

Is a Sit-Inside Preferable Over a Sit-on-Top Kayak? 

Choosing the right type of kayak can be seemingly overwhelming. The decision largely depends on how you plan to use the kayak. Nevertheless, the sit-inside kayak is preferable over the sit-on-top kayak for a number of reasons.

One, sit-inside kayaks shelter your lower body from the wind, which makes them much warmer. A sit-inside kayak features an open cockpit which allows the paddler to actually sit inside the hull of the kayak with the legs under the deck. This will allow you to brace your knees off the inside walls of the hull to help with strong and more efficient paddle strokes. It also keeps the water from getting to your legs. This makes it ideal for cold weather paddling or areas with cold water areas.

Two, sit-inside kayaks are also faster and easier to control due to their lower center of gravity. Sit-on-top kayaks, on the other hand, are burdensome, slower, and tougher to paddle. The sit-inside kayak is also preferable as it is easier to haul and store. Sit-on-top kayaks take up more space during hauling as the seat is mounted above the hull. This can make it problematic to transport especially when you are using a car. It can also create storage problems.

Lastly, sit-inside kayaks are better at storing gears and accessories as they offer access to the entire hull.

Final Notes

There are many choices for sit-in kayaks on the market which makes it confusing to determine exactly which one you should buy. Hopefully, the list above has provided you with a comprehensive buying guide to help you in the process.

Whatever features you are looking for, this guide offers some of the best brands that you’ll find in the market. Therefore, I recommend that you stick with those brands so you won’t have to gaze any further.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contract. Also, you can drop a comment below. Your feedback is also highly regarded. Thanks!

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