The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Accessories for Smooth and Enjoyable Angling

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Are you a fishing enthusiast looking forward to smooth and enjoyable experiences on the water? Do you also desire to have the best kayak that you can use in the rivers, lakes, or other excluded fishing areas? Look no further than the Sun dolphin Journey 10ss kayak. It is primarily a 10-feet long, sit-on-top canoe that is stable and easy to maneuver as well as paddle.

The boat also comes with one swivel holder and two flush mount rod holders that make your angling both easy and fun. However, for optimum performance of this vessel, some essential accessories are a must-have. 

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Accessories

  • Outrigger

An outrigger is a structure that projects on a kayak’s side to give it stability. It is a long, thin firm, a hull that is used to stabilize an unstable vessel. The poles are fitted on both sides of the canoe to hold angling lines away from the boat. They are made of fiberglass and aluminum and are suitable for deep sea trolling. They generally tilt at an angle between 70-degrees to 80-degrees.

  • Rudder Blade

The rudder blade helps to keep your vessel straight on course when it is pushed around by waves, winds, or currents while crossing open water. The tool is usually installed at the stern of the kayak that can spin from one side to the other. The use of foot regulates the device peddles in the cockpit. 

  • Kayak Paddle

A paddle is a short pole that has a broad blade either at one end or both. It is used without a rowlock to push a small canoe or boat through the water. You should use the right paddle for your kayak to improve its performance. The length of the paddle depends on the width and height of the boat, and it should be made from light materials to strengthen its efficiency.

The size and shape of the blade and the shaft will determine the overall performance of the paddle.

  • Drain Plug

A drain plug is used to remove bilge water from the kayak. They are mostly useful for the sit-on-top kayaks to get rid of any water and prevent any discomfort when riding. The sit-on-top boats are also fitted with scuppers that help to drain the water out of the cockpit.

  • Rod holders 

A rod holder helps to secure your fishing rod on the kayak when you are not using it. You can place the rotating collar to help reduce strike-theft, or rear gimble-lock to prevent the rod from rotating.

  • Seat Upgrade

Most kayaks that come with seats have a single backrest and a pad to sit on. They could also have foldaway all-in-one padded seats that help to protect your back from pain and to provide comfort. 

If the boat does not come with seats, then you can upgrade with high-quality ones from your suppliers. You can also go for a cushion or pad to make your rides more comfortable. 

Top 3 Sit-On-Top KayaksThat Comes With Useful Side-Accessories

Having the best kayak with the right accessories makes angling not just fulfilling but a fun adventure too. The following are some of the best sit-on-top kayaks available:

1. Vibe Sea Ghost110 11Foot Angler Kayak

This vibe kayak sea ghost is a 1-person sit-on-top fishing kayak that provides the best speed and stability. Its mount for accessories includes four integrated gear-tracks and 2-flush mount rod holders for customized rigging. It also has a pre-installed toe-controlled rudder mechanism that saves your energy when you are paddling on long, windy days and strong currents. 

The vessel also has multiple storage options that include the large center console, rear hatch, 20-inch front oval hatch as well as large bungee rear tank well. It enables you to store all your angling gear for the perfect fishing experience. The vessel has a dual-position vibe hero seat that provides you with comfort and support for longer sessions on the water.


  • Best-in-class stability
  • Sleek hull design for high speed
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric hero seat
  • Includes toe-controlled rudder
  • Watertight dual-hinged console cargo bags
  • Magnetic tackle tray


  • Length: 10-feet
  • Width: 32-inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Capacity: 375 pounds

2. Sea Ghost 130 13 Foot Angler kayak by Vibe

The sea ghost 130 kayak blends stability with speed, thus providing a perfect balance. The vessel allows the angle to reach their destination and to stop with minimum effort. The kayak also has the best-in-class engineered stability for the angler, whether you are stung down or even standing. It also provides the ideal slip-resistant deck platform for all professional anglers. 

It has a sleek hull design that ensures quick, nimble-tracking with a toe-controlled rudder that gets the angler to fish speedily. It helps to save your energy when you paddle for long during windy days and strong currents. The boat also has a 2-position, breathable hero seat and adjustable foot braces for persons of any size.


  • Easy access accessory gear tracks
  • Includes toe-controlled rudder
  • Watertight dual-hinged console cargo bags
  • Magnetic track tray
  • Enough storage space


  • Paddlers: 1
  • Length: 10-feet
  • Width: 32-inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Capacity: 375 pounds

3. Yellowfin 120 Kayak 

The yellowfin 120 kayak is a 1-person sit-on-top kayak that provides the best of speed and performance. It includes two flush-mount rod holders and a molded console that has a cup-holder and accessory mount. The boat also has multi-storage options that include bow, stern tank well and new v-wave hatch. It also has a vibe hero seat that offers support and comfort even when you stay for long days on the water.


  • Best-in-class engineered stability
  • Speed hull design that makes it fast
  • Ventilated hero seat and adjustable foot braces for all-size persons
  • Rudder ready
  • 10-accessories gear tracks
  • Waterproof cargo hatches
  • A lot of storage space


  • Paddlers: 1
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 32-inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Capacity: 375

Final Word

Angling can be fun with the right boats as well as accessories. It is, therefore, crucial that after purchasing the perfect kayak for fishing, you also ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. You must get a canoe that is stable and comfortable to give you long fun moments on the water.

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