Tarpon 100 VS 120: Includes Reviews And Differences

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The main difference between tarpon 100 and tarpon 120 is their size. Tarpon 100 is smaller than tarpon 120, making it easily maneuverable. If you are a kayaking enthusiast and you are not sure which of these two kayaks to buy, here you’ll have an answer.

Key Takeaways

  • Tarpon 100 has the ability to withstand different water situations, including a lake, swamp, surf, and river
  • Tarpon 100 can hold a weight capacity of up to 325lbs so you can easily carry all the gear with you
  • Tarpon 100 has a unique hull design that is flat at most parts, and it has a bow flare included
  • Tarpon 120 has a weight capacity of 350 lbs/159kg so you can have your weighty gear while kayaking
  • The seat system of Tarpon 120 has phase 3 Airpro which has three adjusting systems, which you can adjust to the position that suits your size
  • Tarpon 120  kayak is made with fabric vented and honeycomb that increases its sturdiness

Tarpon 100

When you think about a boat that gives you fun play on the water, Tarpon 100 will always come into your mind because of its ability to withstand different water situations, including a lake, swamp, surf, and river. Are you a beginner? Well, this is for you; it’s one of those excellent kayaks that brings satisfaction to a beginner. We’ll give our thoughts on this kayak to help you when looking for which tarpon you’ll choose.

What Makes Tarpon 100 To Standout

These are the features that differentiate tarpon 100 from other kinds of kayaks. They are;

1. Size And Weight

This kayak can hold a weight capacity of up to 325 lbs to help you have your essential things with you. However, it may be a problem for those fishing with a massive list of equipment and gear. It’s short of ensuring well-balanced stability and maneuverability that can easily be ridden from one fishing point to another.

2. Comfort

Nobody will like to kayak in a discomfort posture. You need a space that will allow you to sit and stand with minimal or no restrictions. Tarpon 100 has a vast space in front of the seat, which gives you standing room to cast comfortably. Its AirPro technology boosts comfort, and you can do your fishing for a long without getting tired.

A kayak is good enough when it has comfortable seats to sit for long hours without feeling any pain or soreness associated with low-quality seats. Cushions back, ventilation, and drainage care ensure that you get the required comfort. The seats are tightly sealed with scuppers to ensure that not even a single drop will be allowed to pass through it into the seat. In tiring sessions of fishing, you can take power naps. Its flexibility gives you maximum support.

3. Hull Design

Tarpon 100 has a unique hull design that is flat at most parts, and it has a bow flare included. This makes it easily cut through waves. The design also increases the speed of this kayak, as it makes it easy to track and glide in any water condition. If you are a recreational kayaker, tarpon 100 may not be the best for you due to its slightly low speed. But if you want to use it for fishing, it’ll be the perfect kayak to consider.

4. Portability 

The most important aspect of this kayak is easy to use both on and off the water. You don’t have to struggle to carry it to the vehicle after use. Tarpon 100 is super lightweight, thus making it easy to transport to and anywhere you wish. If you like fishing alone, you have an advantage because you can carry it on your own, without help from somebody else.

After taking you through the unique features of this kayak, now let’s look at its pros and cons.


1. Lightweight to enable you to carry easily to and from the water.

2. High comfortability, thanks to its high-quality and adjustable seats.

3. It can be used by any kayaker, irrespective of age and experience.

4. Highly stable and balanced because of its hull design that is flat at most parts.


1. It is not good with speed

Tarpon 120 Kayak 

Do you love kayaking with your pet or other essential items? If you do, then you need a kayak that has enough space to accommodate all your belongings. When deciding on which kayak to purchase, you should have this on your list, especially if you have plenty of gears to take along with you. 

What Makes Tarpon 120 Kayak To Standout

Here we’ll discuss what makes this kayak unique from others and how these features help it perform the desired function.

1. Excellent Size And Weight Capacity

Tarpon 120 has a vast space that a kayaker will use to retain his gear. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll carry your essentials that will make your experience lit on water. The weight capacity that tarpon 120 can hold makes it impress many kayak lovers. Because of its weight capacity of 350 lbs/159kg, you can have your weighty gear as long as you stay within the weight limit. 

2. Comfort

Not only the kind of seats, size, or materials of the kayak will give you the comfort you desire, but also other features have to be considered if you’re looking for maximum comfort. The ergonomic 3D foam on the tarpon 120 kayak gives extra comfort and stability when on water. The seat system has phase 3 Airpro which has three adjusting systems, which you can adjust to the position that suits your size. The ample storage with a hatch at the front and back can be used to store your kayaking and other fishing items and give you enough space to kayak without squeezing. When you are not using a paddle, you can place it in a paddle holder on the side trail and keep yourself free.

3. Versatile Use

The weight capacity of this kayak is not only good for fishing activities but also makes it suitable for other uses. When doing filming, wild photography, or nature, this kayak can be your perfect one to have, as it’s ideal for sidetracking. 

4. Perfect Built

The well-being of a kayak will depend on the material used to make it and how it is made. Tarpon 120  kayak is made with fabric vented and honeycomb that increases its sturdiness to serve for a long. This is an important feature when looking for any kayak to purchase.


1. Multiple uses include fishing and sidetracking.

2. Spacious enough to store your gear and other essential items.

3. Strong and built to last long.

4. Perfect for a weighty kayaker


1. It’s a bit pricy

Difference Between Tarpon 100 And Tarpon 150

FeatureTarpon 100Tarpon 120
ManeuverabilityIt has high maneuverability due to its relatively small size.Its larger size limits it from maneuvering through different water situations easily. 
UseIt’s ideal for recreation and kayaking as it can maneuver in different water situations.It is perfect for fishing enthusiasts because of its comparatively low speed and massive storage capacity, where you can store your fishing essentials and other gear. 
WeightIt weighs 55 lbs or 25 kg and can comfortably support a weight capacity of up to  325 lbs, equivalent to 147 kg.It has a weight of 63 lbs which is equivalent to 29 kgs, and it can support a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, equivalent to 159 kgs.
PriceIt is pocket-friendly.It was a bit expensive, but it’s worth the money.
SizeIt is 10′ long.It’s comparatively larger with a length of 12’3″.
DurabilityLess durable due to the material it’s constructed from.It is durable and robust, as it’s constructed from high-quality material.


As we sum up, we hope that we have discussed what is significant between tarpon 100 and tarpon 120, from this context; we have given important information that will help you decide on which tarpon kayak to purchase. However, we won’t give you the final decision on which kayak to choose why? All tarpon 100 and tarpon 120 are great and of high quality with impressive kayaking experience; therefore, choosing the best may be confusing.

If you care a lot about your pocket and you want to stay within budget, then no debate; you will have tarpon 100 as your choice. On the contrary, if you are affluent and need a spacious and legendary refined kayaking feature, you will probably go for tarpon 120.

Which one do you choose? We’ll leave that one for you, make a bold decision, and get the best kayak that will satisfy your needs; our article will give you basic knowledge between the tarpon 100 and tarpon 120.


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