The Top Old Town Vapor 10 Accessories You Must Need to Run This Kayak

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Some of the accessories that you might need for your Old Town Vapor 10 kayak are a Universal Kayak Cockpit Drape Waterproof Seal Cockpit Cover, Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount, Rudder, Skeg, PDL Console, Drive Lock Knob, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The PDL console helps to convert the Old Town predator pedal drive kayak into a paddle-only vessel
  • The drive lock knob saves the drive unit and propeller from damage
  • The Side-Saddle canoe motor mount will help you to cruise to your favorite fishing spot quickly and moves the motor off-side the canoe making it more comfortable to operate
  • Explore Land Universal Kayak Cockpit is made of 600D marine-grade waterproof fabric coated and prevents damage from UV rays and water drippings

The following Old Town Vapor 10 Accessories Accessories Are Necessary For the Optimum Performance Of The Kayak:

1. Universal Kayak Cockpit Drape Waterproof Seal Cockpit Cover

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1. Made of 600D marine-grade waterproof fabric coated, universal cockpit drape for sit-in kayak with or without pronounced rim, also the seat on sit-on-top kayaks and the foam footpads of SUPs

2. Prevent damage from UV rays and water drippings.

3. Offers a wide range of protection for your craft.

4. This unique cover provides the ultimate protection for your boat, it is light and durable.

5. What makes this cover better than anything else out there? It wraps around the hull of your boat to provide a snug fit.

6. With many convenient features like bungees that tighten when needed and hooks on the covers to protect against sliding, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the water worry-free.

7. Keeps your boat looking good out of the water. No more dusty, wet, and grimy bags, crates, or boxes.

8. Custom-fit for your boat & protects your investment from the elements.

9. 3-year warranty means complete peace of mind in case anything goes wrong during the warranty period.

2. Side-Saddle Canoe Motor Mount 

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The side-saddle canoe motor mount is a heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum bracket that holds an electric or gas engine up to 3 horsepower. It helps you to cruise to your favorite fishing spot quickly and moves the motor off-side the canoe making it more comfortable to operate as you look ahead.

The tool is easy and quick to install and remove with a hardwood block offering a sure mounting surface for electric motors. The device is also adjustable for right or left-handed operation. It helps to add power and versatility to the canoe.

3. A Rudder

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A rudder is an essential control surface that is used to maneuver a boat, submarine, ship, aircraft, or any other conveyance that moves through a fluid medium. The tool works by deflecting the water flow. When the paddler turns it, the water strikes it with increased force on one side but decreased strength on the other. The accessory moves in the direction of the lower pressure.

It is one of the steering apparatuses of a kayak that is fixed outside the hull, generally at the stern. It consists of a smooth, flat surface of metal or wood that is hinged at the front edge of the sternpost. 

4. The Skeg

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A skeg is a blade that drops from an opening in the hull of a boat near the stern. It is retractable and does not pivot. It is retracted and lowered using a slider that is usually on one side of the cockpit. The accessory acts as a precise rudder that allows the rudder to turn the kayak accurately and safely

5. PDL Console

The PDL console helps to convert the Old Town predator pedal drive kayak into a paddle-only vessel. It also allows you to remove the PDL drive unit and plug the hole, making a flat deck. The tool creates more room for standing in paddle-only trips or for fly anglers that may want a clutter-free floor when they reach the fishing area.

6. Drive Lock Knob

The PDL lock knob is a locking technique that is designed to break upon impact. It saves the drive unit and propeller from damage. The tool includes a shoulder bolt and knob.

7. Snap-In Center Canoe Seat

This seat snaps over your kayak’s vinyl gunwales and remains in position until you pop it out. It has an ABS design that makes the chair endure weathering and heavy use. It holds two children or one adult and carries up to 300 pounds. If you add the seat, oarlocks, and oar sockets to your kayak create a real rowing vessel.

8. Kayak cart 

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The cart helps you to get your kayak into the water. The tool is a rugged, light, and anodized aluminum framed cart that is capable of carrying up to 167 lbs on its 3-inch pneumatic tires. It can be collapsed for easy and quick in-boat stowage, and it includes two tie-down straps. 

9. Predator PDL Control Knob

This trucker-style steering knob upgrades your predator PDL, making it easy to maneuver your kayak. It requires less effort and causes minimal stress on your fingers and allows you to stay on the water for long. The knob has a screw-down mechanism that helps you to lock your rudder in position for tracking straight, drifting, or holding a turn without using your hands. 

10. Backrest For Molded Seats

The backrest makes the chair comfortable as you can lean on them when paddling the kayak. You can use the tool as a replacement part or as an addition to the existing blow-molded polyethylene kayak seat. With the backrest, you can enjoy the water voyage for a long without getting fatigued.

11. Scupper Valves

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The scupper valves are short to allow them to fit flush with the floor of the kayak. It eliminates any interference with crates, standing, or other cargo. You will, therefore, enjoy smooth paddling with no interruptions. 

12. Predator Motor Console

The kayak has a revolutionary electric motor console at its center that delivers 45 pounds of silent thrust. It has variable speed control in both forward and backward directions that allows you to enjoy hands-free navigation, structured fishing, and trolling. It has a maximum speed of 5+/ – mph. The console is easy and fast to install and remove, and you can stash it in a safe location. It also features a digital maximize that allows for full-day steering. 

It also includes a quick stand that allows you to quickly lift the motor to prevent obstructions in the water or to clear debris from the propeller. 

Final Words

With the right accessories for your Old Town Vapor 10 kayak, you can enjoy safe and smooth adventures on the waters. You can use your kayak for any activities, be it angling, touring, recreation, or any other without the fear of it capsizing or even stalling amid a storm.

It is therefore advisable to ensure that your boat has all the vital requirements before purchasing and that they are in the proper working conditions. If any of them need a replacement, it is critical to do it before embarking on any voyage. You should avoid disappointments along the way. 

Make your kayaking adventure as memorable as possible with the Old Town Vapor 10 canoe by being alert!



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