Top 10 Kayak Forum List | Some Important Details You Don’t Really Wanna Miss

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Most of these kayak forums are online; they do their registration online and hold their discussions online. The best thing about this kind of forum is that you can be a member from any part of the world; you are not limited by location.

Top 10 Kayak Forum List

1. Washington kayak club.


3. Folding kayaks forum.

4. Qajaq USA forum.

5. The New kayak forum

6. Stripers online forum.

7. Reddit kayaking forum

8. forum



1. Washington Kayak Forum

Are you looking for a forum to share knowledge? Then this fits you well. This forum allows you to discuss anything related to kayaking, techniques, gear, and destination. In addition, you can use this forum to make your trip, make announcements about club trips on the calendar, have a discussion on trip planning, and make important trip reports. 

You can use this forum to have both club training events and non-club opportunities on sea kayaking training. You can also have ideas for training that you will prefer to see being offered. Those not being the only ones, you can use this forum to post the place, time, and date and the kind of danger you faced on water that can harm the paddlers.


If you have any kayak fishing questions that you want to ask another angler, this forum is the best. There are also videos in this forum that help you learn how to kayak, fish, and more. There is also a section for kayak reviews that help you choose the right kayak just for your needs. If you want to polish your skills or are new to kayaking, there is a section for How-to and DIY. This forum will also help you get to the next fishing location with a detailed kayak fishing and launch map. 

3. Folding Kayaks Forum

This forum has much information on kayaking, answering questions like the best kayak to suit your needs, paddling and boating techniques, and everything to do with how to handle the equipment. If you lost a kayak, you could report it in this forum, giving its description and where you lost it. You also have a section for deals found; you can sell and even share special deals with other members as long as it is about kayaks. 

In this forum, you can suggest what needs to be done or improved in the suggestion box. On this forum, they also talk about kayak fishing, reviews, and questions about books and maps. The best thing about this forum is that you can get a kayaking buddy. If you want to kayak but have no one to go with, you can always get one here.

4. Qajaq USA Forums

Qajaq USA supports the Greenland kayaking forums. They are two of them for people with different interests as follows:

a) Greenland Kayaking Forum

This forum is not moderated, and it is non-commercial. It involves discussing everything aspect of traditional kayaking, from the history and culture of kayaking, kayaking techniques, and even the making of kayaks and paddles. This forum has it all in the field of traditional kayaking, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

b) Greenland Commercial And Events Forum

This forum is for you if you want to buy or sell anything to do with traditional kayaking. You will also discuss events, instructions, classified ads, and other adverts related to kayaking.

5. The New Kayak Forum

This is your forum if you build or are interested in building kayaks. It’s a forum that connects people from all over the world who have similar interests in building small boats and kayaks. After the dissolution of the original kayak forum bulleting, it came into existence, and now it’s where the builders, users of kayaks, and related small boats engage. 

This forum will allow you to use it for civil discussion and other related topics on building and how to use the boats. It has existed online since the 1990s and has gradually evolved into a great community of same-minded people building and using kayaks. It’s an ideal forum if you want to know about the making and use of both kayaks and small boats. 

6. Stripers Online Forum

This forum is a kayak and kayak fishing forum that contains different subforums that provide you with important information regarding your field of kayaks and fishing. Let’s have a look at some of these subforums.

a) Main forum

This forum has fishing discussions, questions about kayaking and fishing, or some website-specific topics, news, pictures, techniques, fishing travel, and other fishing equipment necessary for striped bass and all that swims.

b) Kayak and kayak fishing forum

This forum will be best for you if you are a beginner or even an expert kayaker who discusses kayaks, rigging, how you can fish from kayaks, and the transportation of kayaks.

c) Buy/Sell/Trade Forums

Here, you can discuss the buying, selling, or trading of kayaks. It also has questions regarding kayaks, accessories, tools, and anything you may need to know about the kayak. 

7. Reddit Kayaking Forum

This forum has existed since 2009, and it has an average of 27 posts per day. It is the forum that has discussions for those who love kayaks and canoes from Reddit. It is a place where you can post your paddling photos and also allows you to ask questions about your gear and share your memories and experiences. This is not enough; you can decide to be part of the paddling community.

8. Forum

If you are a user of, then this forum is fit for you and also paddlers. It was started in 1998 by a pair of paddling lovers to create an excellent resource for canoe and kayak paddlers. It also gives the community of paddlers an opportunity to share their ideas with others and get advice on kayaks and canoes.


If you are interested in kayak fishing, then the Texas kayak fishermen forum is the place for you. There are discussions mainly focusing on fishing, freshwater fishing, fly tackle, tying, tips, boat building, and much more.


This forum has all the kayaking information you may need, from kayak surf and even sea kayaking and touring. It also has a regional kayak forum that includes Africa, Central, and South America, Europe, North America, and the UK. Most of these regions have their marketplace where you can sell and buy.

Summing Up

Having people that you can talk to about something that you love doing is surely a great thing. It is even better if those people have the same interest as you. That is why we have compiled this list for you. These forms will help you learn, and you will also teach others what you know. Now the only task ahead of you is choosing the right forum.


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