Viper Kayak Review: Should You Invest In One?

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Below are the pros and cons of viper kayaks that would help you make an informed decision:


Durability: The viper kayak performs quite well when used with care. You can rest assured of years of service as the kayak can withstand cement loading ramps and concrete stumps and boulders. Unless you encounter very sharp objects, it is hard to get a leak and holes in your viper kayak.

Price: Most people prefer the viper yaks due to their affordability. With $150-$200, you can get a brand-new vessel that can serve you well.

Weight Capacity: You do not have to worry about loading the viper kayak as it can hold up to 300 lbs. This means the kayaks can even be used by anglers who need to carry gear for fishing. The advantage is that the load on the kayak would not affect its buoyancy.

Kayak weight: Carrying the vessel to and from the waters is stress-free as it weighs only 45 lbs. There is no need to drag it on the floor or buy a kayak cart as a viper kayak can be carried on the shoulder. 

Adding Accessories:  The beauty and functionality of a kayak are in the ability to adjust to suit your needs. You get all this in a viper kayak as there is enough room to add accessories on the front and back of the vessel. The kayak has a large in-built drink holder with two molded trays in front for your convenience. Anglers can convert the yak into a fishing type by attaching the necessary accessories. 

Features: The extra features, such as foot braces, make the kayak more comfortable. Besides, the padded bungees and seat, though light, reduce back and shoulder pain.


Tracking: Many users complain of the bad tracking on viper kayaks. When paddling it, you will have a tough time trying to keep the kayak in a straight line. This could be a disadvantage if you are keeping up with the others, or you desire to paddle toward a specific direction. 

Hardware: You always get what you pay, and the viper kayak is not exception. The plastic used in its construction is cheap, and the handles are not secured well. You might as well need to improve the seats as the padding might deteriorate easily. For more secure handles, you might be forced to tighten them using the washer, bolt, and nut.

Non-Closed Back Section: Every paddler would wish that everything kept in the kayak should stay in place until it is needed. However, this might not be the case with viper kayaks as the back section is not entirely closed off. This means that small items such as water bottles when kept at the back, there is a high chance of them getting their way to the front part of the kayak. You might thus struggle to get hold of the items lodged underneath or on the side of the seat.

Viper Kayak Review
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Are Viper Kayaks Any Good?

Viper kayaks are the best option for beginners who would wish to get an affordable vessel. They cost between $150 and $200, making it easy for a starter to venture into kayaking. However, it could be risky to use it on rivers, oceans, or expeditions due to plastic material being prone to tear. Using it on the lakes to learn the basics would be great.   

Who Makes Viper Kayaks?

Viper kayaks are made by TG Watersports, LLC, under the brand viper kayaks’. The brand is known for its affordable entry levels kayaks. 

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Final Word

When it comes to investing in a kayak for the very first time, you should think of buying the viper kayak due to its affordability. You get the value for money paid as the price comes with amazing features that even the expert kayakers appreciate. The kayak is quite stable and is made to last reasonably longer. This means that you should use it with caution as the viper kayak is made of cheap plastic that performs well in the lakes but might be risky in the oceans or waters.

Despite being lightweight, the kayak can accommodate much, thus a good option for beginner anglers. You can always accessories the kayak to suit your needs as it provides enough room to do so. Since the seats are lightly padded, you might want to consider upgrading, especially if you plan to paddle for long hours. Otherwise, for basic use, you will have a good experience.

On the downside, the kayak might be hard to paddle straight due to bad tracking. You might also have to secure the handles well as they are not well done, as reported by many users. However, the viper kayaks are generally good than the entry-level kayaks available in the market. Consider investing in one, and once you master the sports upgrade accordingly.



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