What Is It Like To Sleep In A Canoe? All You Need To Know

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Sleeping in a canoe is a fun and memorable experience for everyone who has tried it. It would be best to take the necessary precautions to ensure you are safe from any possible harm. Some people are forced by circumstances to spend the night on their canoes, and they end up having unforgettable memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Canoes are typically small and narrow, which can make it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in
  • The motion of the water and the possibility of rocking or tipping can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep
  • You can make your canoe stable by placing insulating layers and the sleeping gears in the far front
  • While sleeping in the canoe, make sure to have your buoyancy aid near you as the canoe can tip without any warning

Is It Safe To Sleep In A Canoe? 

When you decide to sleep in a canoe, you are in charge of your inshore and offshore safety. Below are some factors to consider to guarantee your safety while sleeping in a canoe. 

1. Make Sure The Canoe Is Stable;

Your canoe’s stability is attained by making sure you avoid unnecessary movements in the canoe. It can also be achieved by ensuring that you avoid side-to-side movements of the canoe. If you avoid the stated conditions, then the canoe’s stability is seventy percent assured unless you encounter harsh weather conditions.

2. Balance Your Packed Weight

If your packed materials are well balanced, then the canoe will stay stable on the water. This balance can be achieved by placing insulating layers and the sleeping gears in the far front; the thicker clothing materials are to be placed in the middle part of the canoe, then the heavy foodstuff, the medical kit, and the kitchen equipment are to be near you. Essential items such as the torch should also be near you. This arrangement is simply killing two birds with a single stone because you have attained the canoe’s stability, and on the other side, you have the essential items closer to you in case of an accident.

3. Always Organize Luggage In Order Of Necessity

As mentioned above, always have what you need more, closer at all times. Doing this makes retrieval of gear and other stuff effortless.

4. Do What You Need To Stay Safe On The Water

To ensure you are safe on the water, do the following:

1. Always have your buoyancy aid near you as the canoe can tip without any warning

2. Make sure that before going on this adventure, you have the necessary practice that you need. The training can include learning how to paddle and even how to swim. This guarantees you that you are on the safer side in case anything goes wrong.

3. Always have the necessary help contacts with you. This will ensure that you can call for help as you try to rescue yourself if an accident occurs. Most accidents that have occurred are seen to be due to the failure of the individuals to call for help when their survival rate was higher. By getting the necessary contacts, then you are safer.

4. Always make sure you have a lighting source near you. You should also make sure you have a compass and a map to keep note of where you are and where your destination is.

5. Always have a plan, especially before you sleep. Keep everything arranged and organized to avoid encounters where you wake up confused due to an emergency.

6. Always make sure you are familiar with where you are heading. This will ensure you are in control of your surrounding environment.

7. Always comply with the weather changes in the place you are heading to. This helps you know where the tides will be so that you can avoid the severe ones but, if possible, take on the mild ones.

What You Need To Have In The Canoe

What You Need To Have In The Canoe

The following are some of the essential items that may be necessary for you to have in your canoe;

1. Food- which may majorly include light snacks such as crackers, cheese, and nuts

2. Water- it should be noted that water can be weighty. You are advised to either carry a filtration pump if you are around a lake or stay where you can easily access portable clean water if you prefer the sea or ocean.

3. Shelter- this can include a sleeping bag, backpacking tents, and tarps

4. Clothing- you must keep warm, especially at night. You may choose to carry light clothes to maintain a considerable weight in the canoe. Puffy pants can also be of good help.

5. Safety gear- this group of items is inclusive of the map, compass, the first aid kit, and the torch for lighting. Personal items such as sun-protection lotions are also quite essential.

What You Should Do In Case Your Canoe Tips

Once your canoe tips, the first thing to do is always to avoid panicking at all costs. Panicking brings a lot of tension and confusion most of the time. After getting rid of the panic, you are advised to stay with the canoe, try to paddle offshore as fast as you canoe. If you are not very far from the shore, then push the canoe. As earlier stated, it is vital that you thoroughly practice your paddling and swimming skills before you decide to go for a ride or sleep in a canoe to be on the safer side.

How To Sleep In A Canoe

There are two options; it can either be onshore or offshore. The offshore method is suitable and conducive for any time or season or simply just any condition. The onshore procedure, on the other hand, is slightly complicated. It requires calm weather, and it should be undertaken in a bug-free season for the best experience. It is also enjoyable when you are confident that you can handle any problem or accident as it comes. When sleeping offshore, it is also essential to make sure the place is conducive and, most importantly, safe. You do not want to be robbed. It would help if you also tied the canoe in a safe spot to avoid any movements which may disrupt your sleep.


Most of those who have slept on canoes have excellent narrations to give. This is seen as an epic moment, from enjoying the peace and calm to enjoying the breeze and watching the stars at night. I am sure that your doubts are now erased. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy this memorable activity but keep in mind all the necessary precautions to be taken.


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