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This is James A. Rockey. Welcome to KP.

We have been kayaking for the last 6 years and own 5 kayaks (one Tandem, one Touring, and three fishing kayaks) from different companies, especially from Intex. We love kayaking with my kids and dogs and can’t but wait to go kayaking once we find the weather seems perfect. 

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We know, choosing a kayak is very difficult for newbies and that is why we have created this blog to help the fishing newbies and kayak enthusiasts.

And as a reward; we got enlisted in the Top 25 kayak blog of this world evaluated by AdventureJunkies (And placed on #15 which is not bad at all as newcomers in Blogging 🙂 ).

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Besides this blog, we also help people via Twitter with James A Rockey and share kayaking knowledge by tweeting there – 

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There are lots of blogs we have written on this website along with some real reviews by us which we think might be useful for you.

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What We (The whole KP Team) Do Everyday At KayaksPoint?

We’ve been blogging about kayaking, boating, and general outdoor adventures for the past six years. We love to write about your favorite topics – from fishing to hiking – in a way that others can relate to. We also love to report on the latest happenings in the boating industry and are always interested in discovering new places and adventures.

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My Younger Kid Posing in a kayak 😀

Here’s more about what we do:

  1. Writing original content that can be shared with other kayakers
  2. Engaging in social media conversations, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Blogging about the most important kayaking news from around the world and providing commentary on current events
  4. Participating in industry events, such as paddling or boating related conventions
  5. Responding to comments from the community through our contact form or email
  6. Researching about kayaking, boating, fishing and general outdoor adventures activities
  7. Finding interesting people in our community, connect with them through social media (Twitter, Facebook) and get their feedback
  8. Writing regular reviews of products from reputable brands with a view to writing about them again in the future or recommending them for others.

Keep reading all the articles here and let me know what do you think about this site, using the contact form.

Still, if you need any help choosing the right kind of kayak, or if you want to work with KayaksPoint; then knock us here: +15053892524

Thanking You,

James A. Rockey 
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