Can I Buy A Kayak From Walmart? (4 Useful Checklists)

Fact Checked By James A Rockey | Post Updated On: November 21, 2022
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Absolutely yes, you can find a kayak for sale in your nearest Walmart store, and you can buy your preferred model there as well (unless they have run out of it). Not only Kayaks, but you can also buy products related to kayaking and its niche from Walmart stores.

Key Takeaways

  • While buying a kayak from Walmart, you should keep in mind that Walmart usually targets low-cost products therefore the kayaks available at Walmart might not have the highest build quality
  • While buying kayaks online, you should ensure that the retailer only deals in quality products, and does not engage in selling “factory seconds”
  • Before ordering a Kayak from Walmart, you should determine the specific kayak you want to buy beforehand
  • The price of Kayaks is directly tied to the product quality so, if you want to buy a high-quality kayak, you have to spend more money
Can I Buy A Kayak From Walmart

The Surge In Outdoor Sports

With the Covid-19 outbreak largely afoot this summer, sales have ceased to drop in outdoor gear sales. People are buying gear such as bikes, water bottles, and paddle gear in large numbers. Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes are in high demand as well. Needless to say, outdoor sports such as kayaking and similar watersports have provided people with a safer way to enjoy the summer weather and sunshine amidst nature and social distancing protocols. The activities are fun while leisurely, providing ample chances to relax your body and mind and engage in productive outdoor activities. Most people opt for renting Kayaks and associated items, especially if it’s for a one-time activity. Yet, the surging sales figure suggests that more and more people are opting to buy Kayaks as people have become reluctant to lease them to others.

In recent years, kayaking has become more popular as many people seek to be in touch with Mother Nature while going for an adventurous ride. The hobby is a popular one, and the task is quite simple to learn. You just need to get the right gear and the best kayak and start your kayaking experience.

Buying The Right Kayak

Buying The Right Kayak

The good news in this regard is that we can still order Kayaks and Canoes online. Top retailers are also selling their outdoor gear through eCommerce chains and Walmart as well. But high-quality models are tentatively expensive and trickier to buy. Although most stores would ship them right to your doorstep, it is important you get the right model brought to your home instead of any model the salesman pitches to you. 

With online business at its peak, it can get confusing for many to choose the right Kayak model that will suit their purpose better. Online reviews and ratings would help to a certain extent, but it’s important to know the aspects to look out for while buying a Kayak online or offline. We have provided below the aspects to consider while doing the same.

How To Pick The Right Kayak?

1. Quality

It goes without saying that while purchasing a Kayak from any retailer, one could focus on the quality of the product primarily. Ensuring the quality of the kayak is up to the mark, starts with ensuring that the retailer only deals in quality products, and does not engage in selling “factory seconds.” Most retailers buy second-hand kayaks from the factories and sell them at a lower price, making them look like offers and discounts. While the lower price tags might be enticing, buyers must be careful of defective products as most of the factory rejects turn out to be exactly so. If you ensure that the retailer only sells first-hand products, then you can be almost sure that the kayak you are going to buy from him is new and of good quality. Amazon and Walmart allow third-party vendor products through their online stores. These vendors might indulge in factory seconds so give the description a read before pressing that Buy button.

2. Selection

The outdoor gear market is replete with tons of varieties of Kayak models. Kayaks also have their specific categorization, and hence not all retailers will have every different kayak at their disposal. So, it is significant that you determine the specific kayak you want to buy beforehand. 

If you are not entirely sure about it, then go through the basic kinds of Kayaks such as sit-on-top or sit-in kayak,s and decide which suits your requirement better. Also, check out the weight capacity of the kayak as it is an important aspect that determines the utility of the product. 

Your kayak must be able to accommodate the passengers you desire during the activity. Go through the varieties being offered by the retailer and pick out the one that checks all the right boxes for your purpose.

3. Return Policy

Most consumers miss out on checking the return policy on the product before going for the buy. Best retailers offer a return policy of 90 days against their premium kayaks. More often, you will find retailers offering a 30-day return policy. Anything lesser than that is not suitable, and hence unacceptable. Both online and offline retailers must offer an adequate return policy, and buyers must ensure that while buying kayaks.

4. Price

Kayaks can get too expensive for our liking more often than not, especially if you are not wary of how much a model can range up to. The price of Kayaks, like that of most products, is directly tied to product quality. The lower-priced models might be easy on the pocket initially but incur more later on for maintenance and durability purposes. When purchasing cheap products, one must keep that in mind as well. Sporting goods retailers such as REI and Cabela’s sell new kayak models and hence can appear to be charging more for specific models, but the quality factor comes into play in such cases.

Surely, you must keep your budget in mind while making the buy as well. Look out for holiday sales and discount coupons that might help you get that sought-after kayak model without cutting a hole in your pocket. Inflatable kayaks come at $200, usually for entry-level models. Fiberglass models of great durability and high quality can cost you anything from $1000 to $3000. Perform a brief market study of a few models as per your requirement before making a purchase.

The Best Brands To Buy Kayaks From?

Although there are multiple Kayak sellers that have earned a good reputation for themselves over the years, providing the best Kayak models to consumers in need of them, we have come up with the top 3.

1. Cabela’s

One of the major names in the world of sporting goods, Cabela’s has formed an excellent niche for itself in selling Kayaks as well. Their offline and online stores both garner a solid customer base, which they cater to excellently. Keeping with their good business repute, they keep a large range of Kayaks both online and offline, and hence buyers can get large varieties to choose from. 

2. REI

One of the most globally well-known outdoor sports retailers, REI is backed by an enriched history and lots of expertise. Consumers find the best return policies with REI. All REI products have a 365-day return policy. REI also flaunts the best customer service in the business of outdoor sports gear. They have a wide variety of Kayaks for buyers to choose from.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you are searching for a place that offers premium quality kayaks of insufficient varieties, then Dick’s Sporting Goods is the place for you. Their pricing might cause concern for some, but when it comes to specialized kayaks such as whitewater kayaks or touring kayaks, they have no match.

Brand NameProsCons 
REIThe best return policy of 1-year Free in-store pickupLack of whitewater kayaks
Cabela’sSuperior customer service large selectionReturn shipping gets deducted from your return credit.
Dick’s Sporting GoodsPrice matching with competitors’ great varieties especially for specialized KayaksExpensive models and shipping charge


Kayaking is an excellent option when it comes to summer outdoor activities, especially when you have to consider social distancing protocols. One must keep the above-mentioned aspects in mind before buying the first kayak available at Walmart. Moreover, we advise you to choose the best kayak suitable for you from the best brands selling them.



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