The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Florida

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So, thinking of going kayaking this winter?

Crystal clear water, diverse ecosystems are what kayak lovers crave for. No kayak lover can resist kayaking through miles of pristine water, surrounded by abundant wildlife, lush vegetation. If kayaking through such a destination is what you dream of, then I have got good news for you!

Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in the USA. What many people envision when they hear about Florida is white sandy beaches, the Orlando theme park, and white sandy beaches. But, what veteran kayakers think of when they hear about Florida is a true paradise.

Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide For Florida (Paddling Book)

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Kayaking in Florida

Florida is widely recognized as the Sunshine State. It is true that Florida offers plenty of Sun. Besides soothing sunshine, Florida keeps a diverse natural landscape hidden. At least, people on their way to see Mickey Mouse are likely to miss this gem of a state.

Kayaking in Florida is nothing like anything! You have miles of pristine water to cover. And, lush landscapes are like an iced top of the cake. You have bays and inlets of South Florida on one end, then you have moss-covered canopies of ancient Cyprus on the other.

For adventure junkies, reefs of the Keys and mangrove forests will beckon with incredible challenges. All in all, the paddling trails in Florida are truly some of the most pristine and beautiful.

 When to Kayak in Florida

Florida offers plenty of choices. But, the best time to kayak in Florida is during dryer, cooler season. Nature pours down all its glory during that time in Florida. Florida has so many choices that few weekends won’t cut it.

Where to Kayak in Florida

Florida is truly a paddler’s paradise. For many, the “happiest place on earth” can be found in Florida. To dub, the Sunshine State “happiest place on earth” isn’t an overstatement. After all, you can’t be melancholy when surrounded by sparkling gulf waters, trees galore, and lakes.

The Top 10 Places to Go Kayaking in Florida

Florida offers so many impressive opportunities to kayak and canoe that determining a spot to kayak it can be a daunting task. The sparkling gulf waters in the West and a deep blue ocean to the East, Florida is a treasure trove.

Florida is waiting to be explored by those looking for thrill, beauty, and adventure. Listed below are some of the best and most picturesque places in Florida. I have generated the list after five years’ worth of traveling through the Sunshine State; lots of memories. So, check them out.

Weeki Wachee River

Weeki Wachee is a dream place to cruise in a kayak. With some of the clearest waters in Florida, the Weeki Wachee River flows 7.4 miles westwards to the Gulf of Mexico.

Main Attractions

  • A canopy of palm trees, oak, and cypress
  • Crystal clear waters
  • First-magnitude spring
  • Old Florida

Rainbow River

This is the fourth largest spring in Florida. Kayak lovers will find abundant wildlife and crystal clear waters irresistible.

Main Attractions

  • Gin-clear water
  • 100 feet deep underwater visibility
  • Abundant natural beauty, fish, and birds
  • Top destination for scuba diving and snorkeling

Arbuckle Creek

This gorgeous wild river zigzags through an ancient cypress forest. The river is situated on a location that is convenient to both South and Central Florida.

Main Attractions

  • Abundant wildlife
  • Great spot to wage a three or four-hour paddle

Silver River

This magnificent river flows 8 miles bisecting Silver Spring and the Ocklawaha River. The river features the hallmark of Florida’s natural beauty. This historic tourist attraction was reopened for kayaking in 2013.

Main Attractions

  • Magnificent scenery
  • Hiking and camping options
  • Historical landmarks

Lake Toho

Lake Toho is known for birds and bass. Kayak anglers flock to Lake Toho throughout the year. Kayakers love floating through the clear waters of Lake Toho while observing hogs, sheep, wild deer, bald eagles, etc.

Three Sisters

The warmth of the 72-degree water hosts hundreds of manatees in this one of Florida’s most amazing sites. Three Sisters Springs is fed by a canopied, narrow inlet on the east side of the Kings Bay.

Juniper Run

Juniper Run in Ocala National Forest offers outstanding paddling through narrow and winding waterways. Crystal clear waters will no doubt mesmerize you. The lush vegetation of cypress, palms, and southern hardwoods features diverse wildlife of the National Park.

Santa Fe River

Santa Fe is a scenic and popular tourist destination. What is so thrilling about the spot is that there are opportunities for you to go night paddling. Clear waters and abundant wildlife will keep entertained along the way.

Cedar Key

If you love seclusion, you will love Cedar Key. This is an impressive paddling spot, which will challenge you with saltwater marshes, stunning landscapes, and winding channels. It’s a truly magnificent spot to enjoy seclusion.

Wekiwa Springs, Apopka

Cruising in a kayak is the best medium to enjoy pristine beauty Wekiwa Springs offers. Laid back currents and outstanding views of centuries-old trees offer an excellent opportunity for kayakers to breeze through.

Final Thought

Diverse natural beauties of Florida are bountiful with outstanding opportunities for kayakers. Florida has a little bit of something for everyone. If you do come here, you will sure with the experience worth cherishing for the rest of your life.

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