Taking Pictures While Kayaking – Which Kayak Camera To Take With You?

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How do you take pictures while kayaking?

While kayaking, one takes photos with their cameras using their hands, but the gear should be placed on the neck for its safety, and when you get a chance, take your shot. Other kayakers mount their cameras on top of their kayak using the suction cup. You can also take pictures for your fellow kayakers if you are going as a group, and they will do the same for you.

Kayaking offers a wide range of experiences, and often you want to capture unique images to keep your memories for water adventure and exploration. Yes! You are set to go; all the necessary gears needed are at your disposal the challenging and worrisome task now is how to take pictures while kayaking? Since you are out there bobbing in a boat with sea tides, currents, and wind pushing you around. At the same time, you have your adorable piece of gear in your hands, plus your paddle is getting on your way. These are reasons why taking pictures out of a kayak is scary, awkward, and undesirable to many. 

Take things smoother while relieving some tension for a memorable and enjoyable trip of your life.

The Best Camera For Kayaking

The best camera for kayaking is one that is tough, waterproof, and has good battery life.

We should always use the best camera for kayaking because it will be able to capture all of the amazing sights of kayaking. It is important that the camera can survive being submerged in water or having to be in bad weather. With long battery life, we can take plenty of photos and videos without worrying about running out of power.

With a Kayak Camera; you need a mount too using which you will set your Camera with your kayak. In such cases, YakAttack Articulating Camera Mount for Kayak can be a great option. It is designed to help kayakers mount their cameras to the bottom of their boats. This piece of equipment can help people capture better footage while kayaking, and it’s easy to install.

Now, let’s pick one of the best two kayak cameras available on Amazon. Here you go:

1. GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof Action Camera for Kayak

  • Packed with advanced features, including live streaming, voice control, and a 1.75-inch touchscreen for easy use
  • Capture 5K Ultra HD video with stabilizer and gyroscope for shake-free footage
  • Record 20MP photos and take 10MP selfies; rear touchscreen lets you set the focus point and add filters before snapping
  • It’s also the first GoPro camera with a new touch-screen interface that’s incredibly responsive and intuitive.
  • Get extreme closeups of life’s most exciting moments with two powerful, yet lightweight cameras built into a rugged housing that is waterproof up to 33 ft.
  • With cutting-edge image stabilization, live streaming capabilities and compatibility with third-party software, it’s never been easier to take your content right to the next level.
  • Plus, it is waterproof! Go ahead; drop it in a puddle, surf with it, or capture the scene of a tropical storm. It’s impossible to break!

2. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera – Ultra HD & Waterproof for Kayakers

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution ensures crystal clear video quality.
  • Equipped with a more powerful camera lens and larger sensor for improved image quality.
  • 30 metres underwater waterproof, meet your water sports needs in any water depth.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection takes the hassle out of downloading videos onto your phone.

Tips for safe photoshoots while kayaking

Camera safety

To start with, you need to decide how you will keep your camera safe when in use or not in use. If you can, go for a waterproof camera if not for the normal ones, but if you are a beginner, go for the affordable piece to minimize the risk. Hang the camera around your neck with strong and comfortable straps, and when the opportunity presents itself, take your clear shot. While not in use, store it in a good dry bag, hard waterproof cases either built-in O-ring or a plastic zipper bag. Take good care and ensure it doesn’t get wet or even worse drop inside water.

Know your camera settings

Before you head out to any outdoor activity, make sure you understand how to operate your camera, equipment, and settings. Most of the time, it’s tricky to understand the settings on dry land, well it will be a lot more difficult on the water while bobbing around and having to watch your way. On the water, give yourself time and try to capture the best shots for your future reference. 

Go for a large memory card

It’s good to go for a slightly larger memory if you plan to take more pictures while kayaking. It will be difficult for you to switch from your full memory card to a new one while paddling in a kayak. There is a possibility of you dropping your full memory card into the deck of your kayak or water if you are not keen.

Mind you’re location

While taking pictures or setting down your equipment, be mindful of your location and position. Avoid the areas where water usually collects completely. Know the right time to take a shot while taking care of yourself to avoid any accidents that might occur if you are not careful of your surroundings.

Go for an affordable camera

Suppose you are a starter and worried about using your camera while padding goes for a cheaper model. When you are self-assured enough in your abilities, capabilities, and believe you can take care of your gear, go for your desired camera based on your personal preference.

Take pictures from the shoreline

Taking pictures from the shore is recommended as it gives you the greatest opportunity to capture other paddlers. It also offers you a way to anchor yourself to the rocks and take pictures compared to struggles one faces while moving on the water.

Underwater and in-water pictures

To get the ideal underwater photos, get close to your subject; angle yourself low for the perfect shot at an upward angle. Make sure you don’t put your subject in the middle of your shot.

As for in-water shots, put the camera in flash mode also sets it to the highest resolution. Create splash and capture the droplet’s shots with your lens.  Ensure the surface is still, and the sunlight doesn’t hit directly for a mirror reflection of the water. 

Is the GoPro suction cup good?

Yes, the GoPro suction cup is great and known for its ability to capture footage on the move pretty well. Suction cups are easy and convenient for someone who wants to stick things on surfaces. To add on that, they are affordable, small, light, and comes with waterproof housing. 

A well-mounted GoPro camera can go to several places where normal cameras can’t. When you need a stationary shot from a certain location, a good suction cup mount will do the tricks. Nowadays, in the market, there are numerous GoPro mount styles, though few have the reliability of suction cup mounts. Suction cups ensure the tough device stays on putting no matter where you stick while giving you the surety to capture rare pictures and videos one would usually miss. Go for a great one that will suit your activity.

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