Where Are Bennington Boats Built?

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The Bennington Boats are built at the Elkhart company headquarters and manufacturing plant on 2805 Decio Drive, Elkhart, Indiana. Bennington pontoon boats are among the best pontoon luxury boats in the market since 1997. Their quality of construction and attention to detail is unrivaled, and most people who’ve used them are left wanting to know more.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bennington brand is known for customer service and exceptional quality and has an interesting history of how it came to be
  • The Bennington Boats are crafted with the highest quality material and top craftsmanship
  • The seats on all Bennington boats feature exclusive soft-touch upholstery for maximum profit
  • Bennington boats have 4-sided anodized welding rails, reinforced corners, and bow decks to support the bow trim which is very convenient

History Of Bennington Boats 

History Of Bennington Boats 

Bennington boats LLC was founded in 1997 as a privately-owned business by three Indiana men: Richard Sterling, Patrick Call, and Steve Vogel. According to Steve Vogel in an interview in 2011, the name had no relation to the company’s founding members. They derived the name from a company that Richard (dick) Sterling was running and manufactured wood products.

The three founders liked the name and believed that it was suitable and appealing for the pontoon business they were starting, and that’s how the company got its name. Bennington competes with other pontoon manufacturers founded over 40 years before and still manages to stand.

This company has an agreement with Stan Craft Boat Company to get about 35 pontoons worth of construction and design work from their plant in Hayden, Idaho. Bennington makes custom boats, with about 10% of their boats being built to suit the needs of specific customers.  This company has subsidiaries in Canada and the U.S. and makes other boat brands, including Hurricane, Godfrey pontoon boats, and Rinker.

In May 2018, Polaris industries LLC acquired Bennington (Boat Holdings LLC) at $805 million. This move will see Polaris industries increase its annual sales by about 10%. Boat holdings will be led by Jacob Vogel, the son of Steve Vogel, as an independent unit of Polaris. The company’s base will still be in Elkhart, Indiana, with Jacob overseeing the day-to-day activities as the chief executive.

Bennington Boat Company Details

Brand Bennington 
HeadquartersElkhart, Indiana
Year founded1997 
Employees 600+
Available models100
Founders Richard Strefling, Patrick Call, and Steve Vogel
Website Benningtonmarine.com

Ten Reasons To Buy A Bennington Boat

Ten Reasons To Buy A Bennington Boat

If you’ve been on the market for a leisure pontoon boat, then you must have come across Bennington boats as a recommendation. These boats stand out because they are designed meticulously with top-level attention. If you consider getting a Bennington boat, we’ll give you reasons that will justify your decision and make it even easier for you to get the right boat.

1. The Boats Are Crafted With The Highest Quality Material And Top Craftmanship

Every Bennington boat has unsurpassed quality and attention to detail, thanks to the high-quality materials and construction techniques they use. Their pontoons are quiet riding and solid enough to withstand whatever the water might bring forth. These pontoons also come with the best warranty on the market today.

2. Ergonomic Seat Design For Maximum Comfort

the seats on all Bennington boats feature exclusive soft-touch upholstery to offer the most sophisticated seating. They also feature an infinity topcoat that makes them resistant to abrasion and stains, easy to clean, and stable. These seats also feature high-density foam in five compressions for maximum support and comfort.

3. Superior Finishing Made With Strong Accessories To Make The Boats Durable

Bennington boats are made to ensure they are less susceptible to damage while maintaining a superior finish. They have 4-sided anodized welding rails, reinforced corners, and bow decks to support the bow trim, keels to protect the tubes in shallow water and improve tracking. All these features come together to ensure you get a functional boat that will keep you safe as you enjoy the waters.

4. Durable And Luxurious Interiors 

Bennington boats stand out for their extremely lush interiors; the boats are picturesque and Instagram-worthy on the inside. The boats are crafted with attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. They have a luxurious seating area and stitching details on the seats and floor covering. Anyone looking to hire a pontoon boat chooses Bennington boats because they look luxurious.

5. They Come With The Best Warranty In The Market

Bennington boats allow users to enjoy years of enjoyment without worrying about any repairs and such issues. These boats have a 10-year bow-to-stern warranty and a lifetime structural and decking warranty. The warranty combined with the quality construction of the boat guarantee that you will enjoy it for years to come.

6. Solid And Thick Cross Channel Construction 

If you want a pontoon boat that has a quiet ride with minimal twists, a Bennington will give you just that. These boats have a thicker cross channel with more shear strength than those found on pontoon boats.

7. They Have Exclusive THRU-BOLT Technology On The Hull.

Unlike other boats with hulls screwed together, Bennington boats have an exclusive technology that ensures there’s less flex and that your boat has a stable ride for years to come.

8. These Boats Have Incredible Handling That Allows Them To Turn With Little Effort

These boats have powerful hydraulic steering with high horsepower engines that make steering effortless. The boats have a hydraulic pump connected to the power assist Sea Star system to help you handle the boat with little effort.

9. Enhanced Soft And Quiet Rides In Rough Water Thanks To The Lifting Strakes And Wave Shields

Bennington boats have under-deck wave shields that deflect water from the bottom of the deck. They also have lifting strakes that reduce splashing, increase speed to up to 4.8 miles per hour, and add lift. These features ensure your boat has a soft and quiet ride, even in choppy water.

10. Boats With 8’6″ Beams Have An Elliptical Sport Package

Boats with 8’6″ beams offer top-of-the-line performance with the Elliptical sports package. This package gives the boat better stability, handling, and water displacement to compete closely with fiberglass sports boats. This package is designed for high-horsepower applications.

A Review Of Bennington Pontoon Boat Series 

Bennington has over 100 boat models that are divided into five different series. This section takes you through an overview of the series to help you know which one suits your needs best.

1. Q Luxury Series 

These pontoon boats have custom platforms from 23′ to 30″ and come with various options for design enhancements. They offer you the ultimate luxury and class with lots of color choices and optional equipment to allow you to customize your boat how you like it.

2. Q.X. Fibreglass Series

The fiberglass boats are the newest in the pontoon series; they have a timeless design and outstanding detail. They have an appealing profile brought about by hand-crafted styling and sleek lines. With over 20,000 color options, this series allows every customer to get a boat that is uniquely designed for their taste and preference

3. S series 

The S series Is the most affordable of all their series; prices start at $16,000 for a new boat. If you are a beginner in the world of pontoon boats, then this is the series to go for. The series brings together style, comfort, and functionality to give users the best value. The boats are customizable, with many options that can be personalized to fit your lifestyle.

4. G Series 

This series offers a selection of models with platforms between 18′- 25. you can customize your boat with numerous options. This series provides the perfect balance between price, performance, and style.

5. Luxury And Performance R Series 

this series has the widest selection of models with platforms ranging between 20’-28′ that are a deal for discriminating buyers. With this series, buyers can customize the boat above and below the deck to make it just how they like.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bennington Pontoon Boats

Q. Why Are Bennington Pontoon Boats So Expensive?

Bennington boats are luxury boats in high demand making them attract a higher price tag. The boats are manufactured in the U.S. (Indiana), making their production cost high, resulting in a higher selling price.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Order A Customized Bennington Pontoon Boat?

The duration from the time you make your order to when you receive the boat varies depending on several factors. On average, it takes two months, but this duration may become longer if you want changes on parts.

Q. Do Pontoon Boats Tip?

Pontoon boats rarely tip because they are designed to guarantee safety and stability. However, there have been rare cases of them capsizing, mostly due to overloading or launching on rough water.


Bennington boats rank high among the best pontoon boats in the U.S. market. These boats are designed for luxury and comfortable cruising in the water. If you love adventure synched with comfort, then a Bennington boat is worth investing in.


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