Why Should One Experience Kayaking?

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For anyone looking forward to having a good time, Kayaking is the perfect sport. It has proved to be an exciting sport as people from all walks of life have become captivated by it. If you are a kayaker, you can tell that it is a low-impact workout to improve your flexibility, strength, and aerobic fitness. You can do it as a fun activity, competitive sport, or even a hobby with friends and family on holidays. In this article, everything you need to know about Kayaking is explained in detail from what it entails, the experience, and the various benefits of Kayaking. Read on to get enlightened.

Kayaking has numerous benefits from athletic, mental, and health benefits. Whether it is just for peace and serenity or exhilaration, Kayaking is fun and worth trying. 

Are you in search of a sport that will recover both your mental and physical health, as well as make you get out of the house more often? Along with tons of enjoyment, Kayaking is going to offer you all those. You’ll get to discover new places you never knew existed and explore the beauty of nature, in addition to exercising the body, heart, and brain. To encourage you to go on your first kayaking experience, it offers a lot more benefits. But before we look at each of them in detail, let’s first look at what this activity entails. 

What Is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a water activity that includes using a double-bladed oar. Lakes, oceans, and rivers are the various water bodies for Kayaking in small boats called kayaks. They are designed differently depending on the type of activity you choose. Some designs can hold two to three people plus pets, but most of them can only accommodate one person. Examples include;

1. Recreational kayaks

2. Sit-on-top kayaks

3. Whitewater kayaks

4. Fishing kayaks

5. Inflatable kayaks

6. Touring kayaks

7. Tandem kayaks

You can start with flatwater Kayaking if you are a beginner to avoid accidents and difficulty maneuvering through the waters. Having a foundational understanding of proper form and techniques could be advantageous while it may seem simple. You can proceed to more complicated Kayaking and brave the white waters or take part in races once you become an expert kayaker. Before you set off to kayak in dangerous conditions, remember always to consider your safety above anything else.

Reasons For Trying Out Kayaking As A Water Sport:

1. You’ll have somewhere to turn to in summer for good relief from the scorching sun and cool everything inside you. 

2. It’s a good activity for a romantic get-together for couples. In your life, you get to spend quality time together with your special partner while kayaking.

3. It is an all-time sport that doesn’t discriminate and reaches across generational lines. You can also enjoy it regardless of age.

4. As the saying goes, even a bad kayaking day is better than a good day at work; it offers a stress-free relief that is incomparable. If you’re looking forward to a good relaxation, you better try it out.

5. It enhances friendship and builds camaraderie from the bond of fellow kayakers. You should consider this sport whether you’re just hanging out as friends or sharing a competitive streak. 

6. It is such great fun paddling a kayak if you’ve never tried it. 

7. Compared to other activities, it offers you the ability to get close to nature. You’ll be able to see sights that are easily reached by a small percentage of the populace.  

8. There’s a probability of unrestricted adventure in all kayaking environments, whether you’re exploring the island crevices or kayaking off a 20-foot waterfall. 

9. Besides drifting up in a kayak, there’s no quieter way to access the inaccessible fishing holes. It is a part of another activity as it enhances and facilitates many other activities like complementing a weekend camping trip. 

Benefits Of Kayaking:

Are you aware that you can go Kayaking to improve your mental and physical health? Read on to discover how it’ll help aside from the obvious fun and enjoyment it offers. 

Mental Health Benefits Of Kayaking:Physical Health Benefits Of Kayaking:
Allows time for self-reflection:You’ll get time to reconnect and reflect on yourself when you do it solo. All alone, you’ll have fun focusing on yourself while at the same time exploring. If you like meditating, this is the perfect activity with the perfect setting.Fortifies your core muscles:During this workout, your lower back, obliques, and abdomen will be engaged. The muscles will contract on the lower back as you pull while your abs contract as you reach forward in every stroke. You then engage your obliques when you make any twisting motion. You’ll keep your muscles slightly engaged throughout the activity by keeping the kayak balanced and sitting upright.
Socializing and bonding:Makes it easy for everyone to start learning, Kayaking doesn’t entail any complicated concepts or instructions. You can share an enjoyable and memorable experience by asking any of your friends or family members to join you.Develops the health of the heart:As a cardiac exercise, Kayaking improves the efficiency of the heart to pump blood. It increases your heart rate to a healthy level by increasing the number of blood cells in the body and efficient circulation. You’ll have a healthy and sturdy heart if you consistently kayak.
Improves your memory:It helps the brain stay healthy by being more active and regularly exercising. Raising the number of new brain cells, Kayaking consistently stimulates the growth of new red blood cells.Develop toned legs:Kayaking has a significant effect on your arms and legs, although the benefits may be more evident on the shoulders, arms, and upper back. To keep you balanced on the kayak, your legs apply the needed pressure as you tighten and loosen the leg muscles, alternatively, countless times when you’re trying to maneuver or turn.  
Reduces stress:That may be associated with various illnesses and exacerbate any existing medical condition you may have, stress is a huge factor in managing mental illness. Kayaking provides you the same stress-relieving benefit, similar to how physical exercise helps in reducing stress. Attain your perfect body weight:If you consistently kayak, you’ll be able to burn some calories and shed some weight. You can get your ideal weight by just allocating a few afternoons in a week for Kayaking if weight loss is one of your goals.
Develops your focus:When you exercise by Kayaking, neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are released, improving your focus and attention.   Upsurges your strength:You can withstand longer periods of effort without getting exhausted, and your stamina will be improved. Kayaking increases the amount of energy you can spend on your daily activities and enable you to do the activity longer.  
Quality sleep:You’ll fall asleep much faster when you kayak during the day and get exhausted. The quality of your sleep will be improved, and you’ll stay longer in a deep sleep throughout the night, as you expend all the energy you have during the day.Stimulates Vitamin D in your body:To produce Vitamin D, Kayaking exposes you to the sun to exhibit its effects on the body. In our system, we have the inactive form of the vitamin, and we can also get it from some food like cheese, beef liver, fatty fish, and others.


Depending on the paddling you plan and the waterway demands, the exact requirements of a full kayaking kit may differ. But be sure to carry the following with you as you set out for the adventure;

1. A kayak

2. Two paddles, one as a spare, of course

3. Blige pump 

4. Personal floatation devices such as a jacket or vest

5. A headlamp with spare batteries 

6. A spray deck for keeping the water away from the craft

7. Suitable clothing

8. Helmet and a wetsuit

After reading through all the information in this article, you’re now set to enjoy your first experience. But if you’ve ever gone Kayaking before, make sure you have adequate skills for Kayaking if you’re opting for the solo adventure. Stay safe and enjoy!

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