When To Use a Kayak Battery? (4 Use-cases & 7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying)

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If you are planning to go out kayak fishing then you can use the kayak battery. With the kayak battery, you will be able to power various electronic devices or accessories like fish finders, radios, small trolling motors, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are kayaking at night then having a kayak battery will be very handy to charge phones and provide lights
  • Fishfinder is a very important kayak fishing gear because it will help you to find the fish locations
  • While purchasing a kayak battery, you have to consider quite a few things like watts, battery life cycle, ampere-hours, voltage, etc.
  • You can choose 12V and 10A kayak batteries because these types of batteries are efficient for kayak fishing

Where Is The Battery Used On A Kayak?

Kayaks mostly require batteries on four occasions where they power three essential devices and provide lights. The instances are:

1. Phone charging

2. In fish finder

3. Powering light source

4. Trolling motor

Phone Charging 

It is necessary to ensure that your phone is charged all the time during your water trip. A fully charged phone enables you to take photos without worrying about having a dead phone and thus hindering you from shooting. Having a well-charged phone will enable you to keep in touch with your family and update them on your wellness.


Fishfinders are important as they help in locating fish underwater. These devices require batteries to stay well charged all the time. This will enable you to continue fishing without interference. 

Powering Light Sources

The availability of light in a Kayak is pivotal as light enables you to be visible to other boats. They play a major role during night fishing, so it’s necessary to have a fully charged battery for easy kayaking at night.

Trolling Motor

It can be energy-draining and hard to paddle the kayak while reeling in the catch. The best thing to do is to install the trolling motor on the boat to propel it so that you are left free to focus on finding the catch. However, for the trolling motor to work, they need a battery as a source of power. A high amp-hour battery is the best to last you long for successful kayak fishing. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Choosing A Kayak Battery?

When purchasing a Kayak battery, it is advisable to consider the following:

1. Watts: It is advisable to confirm if the battery watts are sufficiently based on kayaking needs. The amount of energy stored in the battery should last you long enough for your intended trip. 

2. Battery Life Cycle: This entails ensuring that your battery has a long life by checking the discharge/ charge cycles to support its capacity.

3. Ampere Hours: It enables you to know the battery electricity current together with its capacity.

4. Voltage: It’s good to ensure that the voltage is functioning accurately and that the pressure from the circuit power is in order.

5. Battery Operating Temperature: Understanding the battery operating temperature will enable you to protect it from getting spoilt.

6. Depth Of Battery Discharge: This ensures that the battery is fully charged. It also enables you to check the battery percentage, thus ensuring easy workflow.

7. Budget: When buying your battery, it’s advisable to consider what you can afford. Getting a better battery based on your budget is key, as this will enable you to avoid being overwhelmed by seeing expensive ones and thinking they could be the best. As we all know, there is always a good thing for everyone based on the budget to avoid inconveniences and personal stress.

What Is The Best Battery For Kayaking?

Choosing a good battery for your kayak is crucial. This will provide you with sufficient power, and also be able to provide extra power to your other devices. Most people consider 12V and 10A batteries as they are much sufficient and efficient for your kayaking. Always consider the most bought Kayak batteries as this will enable you to buy the best.

People prefer either Lead-Acid batteries or Lithium-ion Polymer. This is because Lead-Acid batteries are well known due to their low market price, together with their maintenance fee, while Lithium-ion Polymers are liked as they are lightweight.

What Is The Appropriate Battery Size For My Kayak?

There are key factors to determine your battery size. It depends on what you intend to do with your kayak and the water type you will be kayaking on. It’s important to have this vital information, as it will guide you in buying the correct battery size for your kayak.

How Long Does A Kayak Battery Last?

It’s crucial to know the time length your battery can last to avoid inconveniences while going on with your activities. The period your battery will last will be determined by the battery quality, the depreciation, its capacity, and how the battery is well charged. However, you can find a good one that goes for even 25 hours before being recharged. 

How Do You Put A Battery In A Kayak?

Before putting the battery inside your kayak, make sure you understand the appropriate way to put it. This helps in ensuring battery safety more so when you enter into rough water. Always ensure that your battery is inside a battery box based on your battery size. Also, consider using a canoe for more protection. Use a Bungie to attach to the box handle, thus holding it tightly and ensuring battery safety. This will give you peace of mind as you will have nothing to worry about.

Where Do I Put My Kayak Battery?

Make sure that your Kayak battery is stored appropriately to avoid damage, thus extending the battery life span. This can be achieved by ensuring that you have a Kayak waterproof battery box for battery safety no matter how the water environment will be. Therefore your activities will run smoothly just as planned without the battery hindering you from achieving them.

What Is The Best Kayak Battery Box?

Always consider a box that has waterproof cases and is clean. This will enable you to keep your battery safe, dry from water, and well-protected. As a result, ensuring the battery will serve you longer without the need for regular maintenance. 

How Do You Set-Up A Kayak Battery Box?

Setting up a kayak box isn’t easy, as you need to have a few materials for a successful installation. However, it is possible to do it yourself following the steps highlighted below: 

Tools And Materials Required: You need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and materials to commence with your box-making process. You should make sure you have a storage box that you will use in keeping the battery, a power source, a socket charger, a system cable clam, and insulated electric connectors. They are based on battery size connectors, wire size, and charger connectors. You should also have some tools such as a screwdriver, knife, drill, and wire cutters.

Cable Preparations: you need to prepare all the cables and properly connect them to either a fish finder or trolling motor. When done well, it will become easy to connect and disconnect your battery when charging and unplug it when not in use.

Preparing The Box; this step entails putting all things in place and ensuring that the box will be watertight as possible. It also involves drying up the box and cleaning it well to avoid any damage to the battery. 

Making The Box Interior, the interior of the box needs some form of cushioning to protect the battery and adjust how low you wish the battery to slide in. You should also test the connectors to ensure that everything is functioning perfectly. Arrange the wires well before putting the battery inside. 

Testing The Battery Box; you need to test the battery box once ready to ensure it functions well before heading to the waters.

How Do You Charge Your Kayak Battery?

Kayak batteries are charged from the solar panel. For this to happen, you have to put a solar controller in between the panel and the Kayak battery. However, it is also advisable to charge your battery at home before proceeding to your Kayaking activities. This will ensure that you have enough power while out kayaking. 

Do Kayak Batteries Need To Be In A Box?

Kayak batteries need to be in boxes all the time. This is because most boxes are waterproof, and by keeping your battery inside will be safe from water damage. It will also increase its lifespan, hence saving you money as your battery will be safe with minimum maintenance. 

Can A Kayak Operate Without A Battery?

All Kayaks have a covered compartment for the battery. Batteries are important and play a major role when it comes to kayaking. They help in providing lighting at night, charging the phone, and also are used in tracing fish when installed in a fish finder. However, if you are engaging in recreational kayaking during the day, a battery might not be necessary. 

Final Thoughts

A kayak battery is an essential and vital tool to have. It ensures that you are well-connected with your family to avoid worries. Batteries are also crucial in fish finders as they will allow you to get far in water and be in a position to find untapped fishing places. While considering the type of battery to buy, it’s good to choose one that fits your purpose. This will give you nice and enjoyable moments to cherish during your Kayaking activities in the water. With an appropriate quality battery, everything will run smoothly hence making your kayak fishing fun and fruitful!


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