The Best Kayak Magazines | List Updated For 2023

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Some of the best kayak magazines of 2023 are The New Zealand Kayak Magazine, CanoeKayak, KayakSession, Paddling Mag, Paddle World, Adventure Kayak Magazine, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The New Zealand Kayak Magazine is filled with stories and photos and these photos are contributed by keen kayakers
  • CanoeKayak is one of the leading paddlesport magazines that cover kayaking destinations, sporting events, videos, photos, etc.
  • KayakSession is one of the biggest whitewater kayak magazines that covers numerous topics on freestyles, kayak sporting events, expeditions, kayak trips, etc.
  • Ocean Paddler is the UK-based Kayak Magazine by Paddle Press Media and it is available in print and digital format

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Answered: Top 10 Kayak Magazines

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Kayak Magazines List

1. The New Zealand Kayak Magazine

The New Zealand Kayak Magazine

This magazine was launched in the mid-nineties while the staff was making sure the monthly newsletter and arranging the newsletter for the Yakity Yak Kayak Club members and Canoe & Kayak customers.

That’s was over twenty years ago!

The newsletter proved vital for involving people with the sport, state-of-the-art with what had occurred and what was originally planned. The original magazine contained only had the written word, as it was a bit technical for us eager paddlers to publish a photo onto the page and then copy it. 

Staff reminisces spending a lot of time, running to the photocopy shop. You wouldn’t imagine how complicated it may get when folding, stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, and going to the Post Shop. 

It proved to be a big job every month. It occurred to the staff that they could accomplish better. So, they went to a design studio. From that studio, the conception of the New Zealand Kayak Magazine began. 

The New Zealand Kayak Magazine is filled with stories and photos. These photos are usually contributed by keen kayakers. The keen kayakers undertake amazing adventures and local trips. Now the reader could derive a double load of motivation. This is not only were their inspirational stories of adventure, but also their loads of great photos. 

These early magazines of about 20 pages were printed in black and white. The print takes on a yellow spot color. But, this causes many people to provide paddling a try and support everyone with current information.

A few years later full color and fifty-plus pages became the standard.

The magazine’s commercial image improved significantly. And, the staff received requests from book stores to sell copies and from members of the wider paddling community for subscriptions. Suppliers contributed in alliance to promote their brands and products.

All this made the New Zealand Kayak Magazine a reality. 

We always favored the idea that the Magazine should correspond to what the initial foundation of kayaking is capturing.

This provides a backdrop of a bit of extreme adventure. And, this is not done the other way around. This remains always a challenge as death-defying photos and stories inflate the sales of copies. But, in our eyes, they do not symbolize involvement in kayaking.

The reliance on electronic media by the vast majority of our readers has resulted in the next phase of development. solely is built on the New Zealand Kayak Magazine and the kayaking community. It allows many more people easy access to the information, which presents a sturdy kayaking community in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Kayak Magazine relies on its contributors’ will to enforce the word of new developments in technique and knowledge. Kayakers become interested in exploring places. And, this allows kayakers to help to make kayaking safer and as much fun as possible.

You can submit articles to the New Zealand Kayak Magazine to get them published. It is not just the extreme paddle adventures they always ask for. They want the adventures a new paddler loves to read about.

2. CanoeKayak


The motto of this magazine is – Live. Breath. and Paddle. This is one of the leading paddlesport magazines that cover kayaking destinations, sporting events, videos, photos, tips and tricks about kayaking, and opinions from different kayaks from all over the world.

3. KayakSession


This is one of the biggest whitewater kayak magazines that covers numerous topics on freestyles, kayak sporting events, expeditions, kayak trips to different destinations, and so on.

4. Paddling Mag

Paddling Mag

This one of the most popular kayak magazines inspires paddlers with awesome events news, photos, live videos, and information about boats, gears, and all. Even they offer an App that you can download from the Apple store to get the latest paddling updates.

5. Paddle World

 Paddle World

Paddle World covers everything about Kayak travels, offer a subscription to watch quality kayaking videos, canoe & sea kayak trips, all the fishing techniques, and boats, paddles & paddling gear test for everyone in this world.

6. Adventure Kayak Magazine

Adventure Kayak Magazine

This is one of the beautiful International Paddling Magazine for the enthusiasts in sea kayaking, touring kayaking, and lake-water kayaking.

7. Ocean Paddler

Ocean Paddler

This is the UK-based Kayak Magazine by Paddle Press Media. You will find a lot of awesome paddling photos there and download them on your computer for free. This magazine is available both in print and digital format.

8. Kayak Angler

Kayak Angler

This magazine specializes in kayak fishing. So, if you are interested in fishing with kayaks, then subscribe to their magazine to become an expert kayaker.

9. WiderMag


WiderMag is an outdoor Magazine that covers not only kayaking but also trailing, trekking, skiing, and snowboarding along with biking. Just subscribe and get some awesome issues.

10. CKM


This is a French magazine that covers Canoeing and Kayaking. They also cover any kind of Wild water sports and loves to share the spirit of the sea.

Final Thoughts

I hope, this list will enlighten your knowledge about kayaking, and following each of those magazines on Twitter will keep you constantly updated with the paddling world.

Share this list with your friends who love kayaking no matter where they live in.



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