The Complete Guideline To Kayaking In Georgia

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The great state of Georgia  (United States) is literally a paradise for kayaking lovers. Anybody who wants to escape the cacophony of the city and work will find Georgia a gorgeous place. Some of the best kayaking spots in Georgia are Chattahoochee River, Nantahala Outdoor, Center in Atlanta, Chattahoochee Whitewater Park, Savannah, Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chattahoochee River stretches 430 miles and it covers 430 miles from the Northeast Spring of Jacks Knob to the Gulf
  • At Nantahala Outdoor Center In Atlanta, you can rent a kayak for $34.99 for a half-day kayak rental
  • Savannah is an excellent choice if you are more of an explorer than a kayaker
  • Altamaha River is the second-largest watershed in the Eastern United States and it is the home to more than 130 rare and endangered species

Georgia: Kayakers’ Paradise

Who wouldn’t like exploring beaches on uninhabited barrier islands?

The thrill and odds of running into unknown things have been the magnet that constantly pulls me to Georgia. Georgia rather offers an excellent opportunity to camp in a swamp, and kayak on rapids of powerful rivers in Georgia.

Or, nothing may be as surreal as hitting the zigzag rivers and creeks of the rough country. If solitude is your style, then Georgia is the multitude of fun, unforgettable trips, and of course a workout. Georgia has lots of spots for paddling. And, you won’t have to cross large cities to roam those places!

Best 8 Spots To Kayak In Georgia

Why Is Georgia A Kayakers’ Paradise?

1. Ocean

2. Rapid rivers

3. Campgrounds

4. Sightseeing

5. Historical places

6. Wilderness

7. Backwoods

Let’s move on –

Georgia has plenty of impressive spots to kayak around. With so many amazing kayaking spots in Georgia, finding the best spots is challenging. On one end, you have calm rivers and  Intracoastal waterways, on the other, you have whitewater rapids.

Do you already find it a daunting process to make your choice?

To make your choice easier, in this guide, I am going to discuss the top 8 iconic places to kayak in Georgia.

01- Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River

The river is synonymous with Georgia. Every true citizen of Georgia knows and loves exploring this river. The Chattahoochee River stretches 430 miles. It covers 430 miles from the Northeast Spring of Jacks Knob to the Gulf.

The Northeast Spring of Jacks is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is another place you can trek and hike through.

The Chattahoochee River has multiple styles of water you can start rafting. Start your rafting from one of those points, and finish at the Class III-V rapids in Columbus. What you will experience through the journey will be a combination of calm and chilly waters around Atlanta.

All this time, you will be on the Alabama border. If you are a beginner or someone who didn’t pack those tools and accessories, you could drop by one of those companies that rent or guide.

Yes, when there is a site to see, there will be companies willing to rent tools, and accessories that can make your kayaking through such a remarkable site.

Chattahoochee River At A Glance

1. Launching Point: quiet and cold waters around Atlanta

2. Ending Point: class III-V rapids in Columbus

3. Outfitters

4. High Country Outfitters

You can rent kayaks from the High Country Outfitters in Atlanta for $55 a day. The last time I stopped by the High Country Outfitters was in July 2017. The cost was applicable for a single-person kayak. After renting a kayak, you will have to transport the kayak to the river by yourself.

The High Country Outfitters has all the rafting and kayaking equipment and tools you are going to need. So, don’t worry if you have forgotten some equipment and left it back at home.

The High Country Outfitters has a paddle shack in the Recreation Area. In the Recreation Area, you can get to rent kayaks on weekends. You can rent kayaks on the weekends hourly-based.

The first hour of your renting will cost you $25.

 02- Nantahala Outdoor Center In Atlanta

Inflatable and sit-on-tops kayaks are popular kayak types. You can rent such types of kayaks from the Nantahala Outdoor Center located in Atlanta. You can also be part of a tour if you don’t want to kayak solo.

You can rent a kayak for $34.99 for a half-day kayak rental.

03- Chattahoochee Whitewater Park

Are you a fan of whitewater rapids?

Then, you can enjoy kayaking through whitewater rapids at the Chattahoochee River. It runs across the city of Columbus. The Chattahoochee Whitewater Park makes the kayaking experience full for the city people.

#Fact: Chattahoochee Whitewater Park hosts national freestyle kayaking competitions.


04- Savannah River

Savannah is an excellent choice if you are more of an explorer than a kayaker. Savannah is my girlfriend’s favorite for exploring the area on the water. Savannah comes with excellent options for you and your family to explore the area on the water.

The launching point herein is the Savannah River. From the Savannah River, you can paddle toward the Atlantic Coast. While paddling toward the Atlantic Coast, you get to experience awe-inspiring, amazing scenery as you go.

Savannah At A Glance

1. Launching Point: Savannah

2. Main Attraction: Tybee Island, wildlife, and fantastic paddling

3. Outfitters

Kayak And Standup Paddleboard Rentals

1. Experienced paddlers

2. Will guide you through tides

3. Fun guided trips

4. Sit-On-Top rental

5. Single Composite: $85

6. Tandem Plastic: $85

7. Tandem Composite: $110

Altamaha River

How would like to visit “one of the last great places on Earth”. Yes, Nature Conservancy conferred such glory on the Altamaha River. Altamaha River is a un-dammed river. It is also the second-largest watershed in the Eastern United States.

With all these accolades bestowed on Altamaha River, it sure will be an experience worth remembering and visiting.

The surrounding area is home to more than 130 rare and endangered species.


1. Three Rivers Outdoors

Three Rivers Outdoors will make your kayaking through the Altamaha River worthwhile. Nature lovers, adventure, and outdoor enthusiasts will find the store complete. You can rent kayaks, accessories, and tools for two hours and two weeks trips.

You will be able to paddle through preserved woodlands, scenic salt marsh, and freshwater wetlands along the Altamaha River.

Augusta Canal/Savannah Rapids, Augusta River

Not everyone is advanced enough to handle the water sources listed above. However, the Augusta Canal is for everyone. Augusta Canal is something anyone can enjoy. Kayakers can enjoy an amazing view of wildlife, and historical sites.

Kayaking through Augusta Canal is likely to take hours long. You will end up in Olmstead Lake.

05- Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental

Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental is located alongside Augusta Canal in Savannah Rapids Park. The range of rentals available at Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental delivers shuttle and launch for paddlers.

If you want to explore the Savannah River, then you must drop by Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental. You won’t believe what the rental has in its store for you.

Flint River, Albany

The Flint River stretches for 344 miles. It flows free for 200 miles out of its 344-mile length. Blue hole springs that give the place a mysterious appearance scatter across the Flint River. The river offers plentiful wildlife sightings, scenic views, and a lazy current.

Adventurers of all ages will enjoy flowing through the Flint River.


Kayak Attack Adventures

For an exciting adventure, you can join the Kayak Attack. The outfitter offers a complete visit to the wonderful Flint River Quantum. Kayak Attack Adventures offer a two or five-hour adventure. You can gain a unique experience through one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders, Radium Springs.

Kayak Attack will guide you to paddle through historic downtown, Albany. You can find fantastic fishing holes, thereby going for mysterious blue holes.

George L. Smith State Park, Twin City

The picturesque Southern scenery, abundant wildlife encounters, and serene waters make this trail a must-see. It’s secluded, therefore if you look for solitude to experience adventure, this is your spot.

Blue Heron, white ibis, a multitude of them, are determined to pierce the sky and nest above. You get to feel a surreal, jungle-like experience on the paddle.


06- George L Smith State Park

Paddlers going to George L Smith State Park for kayaking are able to experience moss-draped cypress and Tupelo. Going past George L Smith Park will bring you to the restored Parrish Mill.

Lake Blackshear, Cordele

Kayakers on Lake Blackshear are able to experience sunset views, expediting through the 8,700-acre lake, and wildlife caters to a variety of birds, turtles, and alligators.


07- Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club

A popular outdoor getaway, you can find at Lake Blackshear. Lake Blackshear Resort is situated in Georgia Veterans State Park. The resort offers an outstanding lodge. It is complemented by two restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course. Surprisingly, there’s a museum honoring the US military veterans.

A sandy swimming area makes watersports much more enjoyable. Watercraft rentals and a pro shop with fishing tours give the place an accolade for watersport recreation.

08- Balus Creek

This place is much easier to explore than the Alapaha, Balus Creek stretches for only 4.5 miles and will only take you about 2 hours to go through. Residing in Oakwood, this creek is a bit off the grid and well worth an attempt to drive to a secluded day of kayaking or canoeing.

Bottom Line

You’ll find plenty of spots for combing through the backwoods not far from large cities. Therefore, you can complement your trip with some historical sightseeing locations. When it comes to exploring the wilderness, Georgia is truly magnificent. There is a lot more to the Peach State than you might imagine.



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