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If you are free today and want to go kayaking; then this map might help you locate the right destinations to kayak.

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Kayaking Map Features

1. 35,000 Locations added from all over the world.

2. Location information based on driving facilities and road maps.

3. Tells you whether there are any parking facilities available or not.

4. Tells you if any fees are required to kayak on that specific lakes.

5. Water-type info.

6. Location or Lake-based safety notes (if any).

Kayaking Destinations In Detail

Kayaking is a great sport to explore the beautiful scenery of the USA. There are many places to kayak around the country. This guide will help you decide where to go!

Paddling through pristine environments, paddling by placid rivers, and paddling in an open sea all provide breathtaking views and thrilling experiences. Kayaking is a great way to explore the USA. We’ve found some of the best places to kayak in America. Keep reading to learn more about these fun activities!

Paddling through pristine environments:  Washington State, Oregon, California

Paddling by placid rivers: Brentwood Bay is located on California’s Pacific coast; it’s home to a wide river with small rapids that makes for ideal kayaking; Missouri River has so many natural wonders like sandstone bluffs that make for perfect hiking trails.

You can explore this map to find the right place to kayak. Besides, you can also check our Fishing Map to find fishing locations that allow kayaking as well.

We have dedicated kayaking destinations coverage dedicated to Kayaking in Europe, Santa Fe Dam, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, and Nevada.


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